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Watch Riot devs design a new Legends of Runeterra champion in 'Draw with Riot' event

Draw with Riot will take place next Friday, May 29th at 6 pm GMT.
Watch Riot devs design a new Legends of Runeterra champion in 'Draw with Riot' event

Valorant isn't the on Riot Game's title looking to make an impact in 2020. Legends of Runeterra got it's official release just a couple of weeks ago, and has had an overwhelmingly positive reception from card game fans.


Drawwithriot Chris Campbell Legends of Runeterra may 29th live stream draw live
The artwork that features in Legend of Runeterra is one of the high points of the game. (Picture: Riot Games)


Today, the devs announced a fun event for all Legends of Runeterra players, a live stream that will let them take a peek into the creative process that goes behind the making of a Champion card.

Draw with Riot, the first iteration of what they're hoping becomes an ongoing series, will feature Chris Campbell, principal concept artist for Legends of Runeterra. The first stream will take place on May 29th, at 6 pm GMT.

The stream, that will last around two hours, will give people that tune in the opportunity to win in-game LoR prizes like Champions, Epic, Rare Cards, and Expedition Tokens.

"The community will be invited to share their versions of the new unit via Twitter, using @playruneterra and #drawwithriot.” 



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There will also be prizes with the winner of the "best art" piece able to have a one on one chat with Chris Campbell himself. 

Riot Games has been diligently promoting their card game, going as far as surprising the community with free Twitch subs to any streamers playing LoR.

Legends of Runeterra is now available for PC, Android, and iOS.