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LoL Worlds Anthem "Heroes" Released Without Riot's Approval

A British artist, Simon Rosenfeld, has released a song that, according to him was supposed to be the League of Legends Worlds 2021 Anthem.
LoL Worlds Anthem "Heroes" Released Without Riot's Approval

Simon Rosenfeld, a British artist, has recently released a song named Heroes, claiming it to be the original League of Legends Worlds 2021 anthem. According to him, Riot Games approached him to produce Worlds 2021 anthem, and according to a report by PCGamesN, he confirmed that Riot didn't make any legal commitment at that ti,me and they essentially used their right not to use it when they came across the opportunity to work with better-known artists. 

In the past, Simon Rosenfeld has produced music for Enter Records (a Universal sublabel) partnered with ESL, but he is not as popular as PVRIS. According to him, PVRIS was "matching Riot's strategy of wanting to attract a more mainstream audience (PVRIS write their own songs, I guess they wouldn't sing Heroes, I don't know if the song was ever mentioned to them), and COVID restrictions slowly getting more lenient (so no more need for a remote team, they could get their local team back into offices)."

Rosenfeld said that he and his team were informed that their song had been put on hold indefinitely because of the mainstream audience appeal; however, no discussions were done after that. Then even in 2022, Heroes was not released, and instead, Riot partnered with Lil Nas X to release STAR WALKIN. 

Rosenfeld said, "Seeing the direction they took with STAR WALKIN, I assume [Heroes] is not getting released, which is why I'm releasing it myself."

He explained to PCGamesN that the contract he signed didn't mention anything about Riot using it and was totally verbal. So, releasing it would be a "breach of contract." In addition to this, he tried releasing the song earlier as well on Soundcloud, but he got a request to take it down.

However, he is releasing it anyways, as it is his duty towards his team because of their hard work. He also clarified that though Riot hasn't used the song, they have paid for the work done by him and his team. He wishes that "the industry was more honest with their workers."

He also explained that he has released the song by creating a separate profile so that their "main artist profiles won't get damaged if it does get taken down in the end." However, they have not gotten any strikes as of now. 

Riot has not given any statement regarding this, but we will update you with the latest information whenever we get our hands on it.

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Featured image courtesy of Rosenfeld.