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Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.7.0: Next expansion, card updates, new content, and more

A new cycle comes to the Riot Games’ card game, with the arrival of its new Shuriman expansion.
Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.7.0: Next expansion, card updates, new content, and more

The next big update for Legends of Runeterra is about to arrive, bringing with it the start of a new expansion for the Empires of the Ascended set, and adding lots of cards and content into the card game.

And of course, many balance changes as well, and even some new features will be available with Patch 2.7.0, so it’s time to cover what you will encounter and prepare yourself to discover more of the region of Shurima.

Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.7.0: Guardians of the Ancient expansion

The latest expansion of LoR, Guardians of the Ancient, will add a total of 42 collectable cards, along with one main feature.

The expansion will introduce a new keyword - Blade Dance - which can turn the tide of battle in your favour at any time. Cards with Blade Dance summon a number of Blades, which immediately begin a Free Attack against your opponent. These attacks can take place with or without an Attack Token and doesn’t consume the Attack Token when it happens.

The Shurima region, along with Targon and Ionia, also got a little more vast, with their Region Roads being extended by four levels each to coincide with the release of their new champions. Finally, two new challenges have been added to prepare for the new Landmark synergies and the Blade Dance mechanic.

Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.7.0: Cards changes

As for the cards, some of the new ones introduced in this update will be focused on the Blade Dancer, however many of them will also cover upgrades for the other champions added to the LoR roster: Malphite and Zilean.

Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.7.0: Cards changes(Picture: Riot Games)

Making changes into the metagame, small changes will be implemented in some Shadow Isles to balance the power of the Nasus Thresh decks, which have had a high win rate in the latest patches, while the performance of the Curator of the Sands will be evaluated during the next few days.

The cost of Atrocity will be increased from six to seven to reduce its efficiency and effectiveness in the late game, while the Blighted Caretaker will be nerfed reducing its attack from two to one point, slightly reducing its early game pressure.

Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.7.0: New content

Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.7.0: New content
(Picture: Riot Games)

Among the content released with the expansion, a new board based on Zilean called “The Time Temple” will be available in the in-game store, along with the new pet “Chrono Chip”, a card back, the emote “Back Away Slowly”, and a Shurima icon for your profile.

Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.7.0 New content
(Picture: Riot Games)

Based on Malphite, the pet “Chip” will also be added into the game, along with a special emote “Try to Keep Up” with Irelia featured in it.

To close this, two bundles will be added to the in-game store:

Guardians of the Ancient bundle - 1807 coins

Guardians of the Ancient bundle
(Picture: Riot Games)

Sand & Steel Deck Bundle - 2106 Coins

Sand & Steel Deck Bundle
(Picture: Riot Games)

You can check out more bug fixes and other miscellaneous changes implemented, in the Patch Notes available on the game’s website.

The Patch 2.7.0 for Legends of Runeterra will be up in the live servers on 5th May.