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Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.14 Notes - Expansion, Cards, More

This guide details Legend of Runeterra's Patch 3.14 notes, including the new expansion, Cards, Champions, Items, and more.
Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.14 Notes - Expansion, Cards, More

By now, players know Legends of Runeterra to be an ever-evolving card game bringing about various new Champions, mechanics, and more. Since the previous patch, the games received some minor adjustments, maybe not too noteworthy compared to its current patch, which features a new expansion filled with fresh additions.

On 30th August 2022, Riot Games announced its latest expansion hitting Legends of Runeterra called The Darkin Saga: Awakening. The first chapter of the expansion features Kayn and Rhaast as the highlighted character to debut. Alongside this champion, other Darkin-themed Cards make their way to the game.

Subsequently, a Corrupted Event will happen during the expansion comprising ancient evils awakened across Runeterra. Players will get to earn free nodes and many other things.

Legends of Runeterra - The Darkin Saga: Awakening Notes

In this expansion, players will get to play five new champions, a new card type, and the Corrupted Event. Here’s everything important you need to know about the upcoming patch and what to expect.


Kayn, The Shadow Reaper

kayn shadow reaper patch 3.14
Kayn, The Shadow Reaper is coming to Patch 3.14.

In patch 3.14, Kayn, The Shadow Reaper, has arrived. The champion revolves around Cultist decks, and features two new card type called Equipment and Auto-Equip.

equipment card type legends of runeterra
Equipment is a new card type in Legends of Runeterra.

Equipment allows players to Equip a weapon (or whatever the card may be) to a unit to grand the listed bonuses. If the unit leaves play, the Equipment will return to your hand. You may play each Equipment at most once per round.

auto equip card type legends of runeterra
Auto-Equip is a new card type in Legends of Runeterra.

On the other hand, Auto-Equip automatically equips the item you play from hand or when summoned, creating it first if needed.

Jax, Grandmaster at Arms

jax grandmaster at arms patch 3.14
Jax, Grandmaster at Arms is coming to Patch 3.14.

Coming soon to Legends of Runeterra is Jax, Grandmaster at Arms. The champion focuses on using Weaponmaster Cards to bolster offensive power, and comes with a new vocab feature called Forge. 

forge vocab legends of runeterra
Forge is one of the newest Vocabs to debut in Patch 3.14.

Forge allows players to grant an ally +1|+1. If the ally is equipped, Forge will grant it to their item instead. This effect makes it easy to upgrade your forces or items throughout combat.

Other Champions

diana corrupted champion skin
This is Diana's Corrupted Champion Skin.

Besides these aforementioned champions, these next few will be available in Legends of Runeterra. Although Riot Games haven’t mentioned anything meaningful, it seems the meta-flow theme will move towards equipping weapons and using these new mechanics to win games.

  • Master Yi

  • Veigar

  • Leona

  • Diana

  • Ashe

Patch 3.14 New Features

Besides the aforementioned card mechanics and new card vocabs, here are some of the other features making their way to Legends of Runeterra.

Flow (Vocab)

flow vocab legends of runeterra
Flow is a new Vocab coming to Legends of Runeterra.

Flow has already existed as an effect, but it’s been recategorized as a new Vocab. A card triggers its Flow ability only if you’ve played 2+ spells or skills the previous round.

It helps set up attacks the following turn and prevent them from getting damaged depending on how you use it.

Improvise (Vocab)

improvise vocab legends of runeterra
Improvise is a new Vocab coming to Legends of Runeterra.

Improvise is another new Vocab that takes a turn on the item mechanic. The effect allows you to choose one of two random options from a depleting pool of equipment and equip it to an ally. If the ally wasn't played from hand, it equips a random Equipment instead.

Weekly Adventures

zoe corrupted champion skin legends of runeterra
This is Zoe's Corrupted Champion Skin that will debut later in Legends of Runeterra.

Weekly Adventures is a brand new type of Adventure to Path of Champions. The feature features three different difficulties and will be randomly generated from existing Adventures and Mutators to keep things fresh. Players can earn rewards by playing Weekly Adventures.

Starlight Portal 

  • Unlocks: Legend Level 6

  • Rewards: 1 Bronze Reliquary + 1,000 legend level points

  • Mutators: 1 Beneficial

Shadow Portal

  • Unlocks: Legend Level 10

  • Rewards: 1 Silver Vault + 1,000 legend level points

  • Mutators: 1 Beneficial + 1 Harmful

Dark Star Portal

  • Unlocks: Legend Level 15

  • Rewards: 1 Silver Reliquary + 1,000 legend level points

  • Mutators: 1 Beneficial + 1 Harmful + a “Vicious Enemy” 

Rewards for each of the three portals can be earned once per week. Subsequent completions will reward only champion XP. These three adventures will be located in the ocean between Noxus and Ionia.

Players can find the Weekly Adventures displayed in their Journal with a reset timer visible. Any in-progress adventures will be retired upon the weekly reset. There’s also a new region called Shadow Isles that players can take a look at in Legends of Runeterra.

Corrupted Event

corrupted event rewards
These are the Corrupted Event rewards.

“Ancient evils have awoken across all of Runeterra; hope dims as corruption erodes our final bastion of hope.” The Corrupted Event allows players to get their hands on new Icons, Cards, Emotes, and Champion Skins.

“This pass, and future Event Passes, also come with many free nodes, so you’ll be able to earn rewards as you play whether you purchase the Premium Event Pass or not. It should still take roughly the same amount of time and effort to complete this pass as previous Event Passes.”

leona corrupted champion skin
This is Leona's Corrupted Champion Skin.

Players can purchase the pass before “September 14 to get an exclusive quest that rewards ten Corrupted Crystals and a Rare Prismatic Chest.

The event pass grants access to an upgraded event path with premium rewards and immediately unlocks the Lil’ Rhaast. All unlockable rewards can be viewed on the Event rewards road.” The Event, including the pass, expires on 5th October, 2022, at 10 am PT.

And that’s all there is to it. For more information about the available Cards and such, feel free to visit Mobalytics for detailed descriptions of the expansion.

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All featured images are courtesy of Riot Games.