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Legends of Runeterra 3.12 Patch Notes - Card Updates, Bug Fixes, More

Legends of Runeterra 3.12 Patch is finally live across all platforms, and in this post, we'll look at all the details of the latest LoR update.
Legends of Runeterra 3.12 Patch Notes - Card Updates, Bug Fixes, More

Legends of Runeterra continues to evolve with the release of the 3.12 update. However, the latest patch isn’t entitled to bring any new features or content. Instead, the newest Legends of Runeterra update focuses on various card adjustments, bug fixes & quality of life updates.

Riot Games have released the complete patch notes of the Legends of Runeterra 3.12 version, and you can have a look at them below.

Legends of Runeterra 3.12 Patch Notes

LoR 3.12 Full Patch Notes
LoR 3.12 Full Patch Notes. (Picture: Riot Games)

The Legends of Runeterra v3.12 Patch went live across various platforms and regions on 16th August.

Here’s a look at each of the card updates coming in this patch:

Card Updates

Illaoi (Level 1)

  • Base Stats: 1|6 → 1|5

Illaoi (Level 2)

  • Base Stats: 2|7 → 2|6

Tentacle Smash

  • Change: Spawn 3 → 2

Karma (Level 1) 

  • Base Stats:4|3 → 4|4

Karma (Level 2) 

  • Base Stats: 5|4 → 5|5


  • Change: Create pokey stick or if you have one reduce cost by 1 → 2


  • Change: Create pokey stick or if you have one reduce cost by 1 → 2

Zilean’s Careful Preparation

  • New Card: To play, place a card from your hand into your deck. Predict, then create an exact copy of the chosen card in hand. Create a Zilean in your deck.

The Wandering Caretaker

  • Change:  Chimes don’t start planting until you have 3+ mana gems

Cosmic Binding

  • Change: Plant 3 Chimes Plant 6 Chimes

Second Skin

  • Change: Focus → Slow


  • Cost: 3 → 4

Hate Spike

  • Cost: 2 → 1

Harsh Winds

  • Cost:  6 → 5

Blighted Ravine

  • Change: When I’m summoned, heal your nexus 4→2.
  • Countdown 1: Deal 2 Damage to everything→ all units

Frozen Thrall

  • Change:  Countdown 8 → 9

Boom Baboon

  • Base Stats: 3|1 → 2|1

Station Archivist

  • Effect:  Pick a spell into the top 5 cards of your deck and create an exact fleeting copy in hand. 
  • Change: Then shuffle those top 5 into your deck. 

Ravenbloom Conservatory

  • Change:  Countdown 10 → 12

Kadregrin the Ruined

  • Change:  Grant an ally Challenger and +1|+1 →  Grant an allied Champion or Dragon challenger 

Mark of the Storm 

  • Change: Grant an enemy Mark of the Storm. If they already have it, Remove the mark to Stun and Deal 2  →  3 


  • Change: If you behold a celestial, create The Messenger in your deck and grant celestial allies everywhere +1|+1 →  If you behold The Messenger, grant celestial allies every +1|+1

Bloody Business

  • Change: An ally with 5+ Power strikes an enemy → 
  • Reputation: I cost 2
    An ally with 5+ Power strikes an enemy 


  • Change: Invoke a celestial card that costs 7 or more, then heal an ally or your Nexus 4 → 5


  • Base Stats:  2|3 → 3|3

Masa, Crashing Thunder

  • Base Stats: 5|4 → 5|5

Rissu, the Silent Storm

  • Base Stats: 1|1 → 1|3 


  • Change: Impact  → When I’m summoned, grant me Impact 3 times 

Duskpetal Dust

  • Change: The next unit with nightfall you play this round costs 1 less →The next CARD you play this round costs 1 less

The Stagehand

  • Base Stats: 4|4 → 4|2 

Defiant Dance

  • Cost: 4 → 5 

The Traveler

  • Base Stats: 3|4 → 4|4 


  • Base Stats: 1|2 → 2|2 

Bandle City Mayor

  • Base Stats: 2|2 → 2|3 

Ancient Hourglass

  • Cost:  2 → 3

Neverglade Collector

  • Cost:  2|4 → 2|5

Winding Light

  • Change:  Overwhelm → Overwhelm removed

Papercraft Dragon

  • Cost:  5 → 6

Battle Bonds

  • Cost:  4 → 5
  • Change: Slow → Burst


  • Base Stats:  4|3 → 4|4

Scarmaiden Reaver

  • Base Stats:  4|5 → 4|6

Twisted Catalyzer

  • Base Stats:  2|2 → 3|2


LoR 3.12 Full Patch Notes.
LoR 3.12 Full Patch Notes. (Picture: Riot Games)
  • The next Expansion is being revealed via live stream! Tune in to Twitch on August 17 at 9 am PDT
  • Check out some of the amazing artwork that was submitted to our Star Guardian Community Art Gallery!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to reconnect.
  • Fixed an issue causing United Front matchmaking to fail.
  • Fixed an issue preventing PC players from opening the Options Menu with the ‘Esc’ key.
  • Players will no longer get stuck after the first turn of Tutorial 4 - Light and Shadow.
  • Mark of the Storm’s impact text will now display the correct amount of damage.
  • Using Choice cards with Targeting no longer causes both options to freeze on screen.
  • Evelynn and Kai’Sa AI decks now contain copies of Evelynn.
  • Fixed an issue causing Relic of Power to draw an incorrect number of cards.
  • Fixed an issue causing an incorrect number of Gifts From Beyond to appear while Taric is supporting a unit.
  • Uncommitted blockers will now properly return to the backrow.
  • Fixed an issue causing targets to be removed.
  • Fixed an issue causing Mind Meld’s ‘spells played’ tracker to be incorrect.
  • Shen, Kinkou Student, and Void Abomination will now interact with allies as intended.
  • Fixed several VO issues that were playing incorrectly.
  • Fixed several VFX issues that were playing incorrectly.
  • Updated localization for some cards that were missing translations.
  • Updated several cards that were missing card text.
  • In general, updated several text descriptions to better align with game mechanics.

​​So there you have it, that's just about everything you need to know regarding the Legends of Runeterra v3.12 patch notes.

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.