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Three Legends of Runeterra pros banned by ESIC after cheating incident

The Esports Integrity Commission has decided to hand down bans to three Vietnamese pro players, after confirming boosting accusations.
Three Legends of Runeterra pros banned by ESIC after cheating incident

In an unexpected move arising from the Legends of Runeterra competitive scene, three players from the Asian Pacific region have been banned for an entire year, after being found guilty from cheating allegations during the second open ladder of the ESL Mobile Open.

According to the statement released by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), they undertook a review of evidence provided by ESL Asia, determining the behaviours of three participants were engaging in boosting behaviour. These players are as follows:

  • Le Hiep
  • DiaComSuon
  • Cuticini

Prior to the release of the announcement by ESIC, ESL Vietnam also took action on the matter on 25th June, after releasing a statement where five accounts saw their entry cancelled and later banned from the ESL Mobile Open, due to suspicious moves to settle the score in the ladder.

Based on info from the Vietnamese outlet Sport5, all three Vietnamese players named were in the top 60 of ESL Mobile Open Season 1 Ladder 2, with all five accounts being members of a single clan in LoR. Therefore, it’s very likely these players deliberately lost when facing each other to help one person rise to the top of the rankings.

“The investigation [was] related to a total of five accounts. Three accounts were operated by one individual while the remaining two individuals held an account each. Accordingly, ESIC has sanctioned the three individuals with bans of 12 months each,” added the ESIC in their press release.

ESL Mobile Open Asia-Pacific Legends of Runeterra banner
(Picture: ESL)

As of now, none of the players and ESL Asia / Vietnam have released any comments around the matter.

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