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Lies Of P Best Dexterity Build: Weapons, Amulets, Stats, Legion Arms & P Organs

This guide shares the best weapons, amulets, stats, Legion Arms, and P Organ upgrades you should use to attain the best Dexterity build in Lies of P.
Lies Of P Best Dexterity Build: Weapons, Amulets, Stats, Legion Arms & P Organs
Images Via Neowiz

Lies of P is a souls-like that features a highly flexible gameplay system where players can opt for different builds for Carlos, aka P, to tackle the different content offered in the game. Among many, the Dexterity build is one of the most popular and flashy. 

A high Dex build in Lies of P is for players who like fast-paced combat, deflect enemy attacks and break their weapon, use high mobility tools to get around the level and boss arena, and perform some of the flashiest deflects and Fable Arts. 

If the description suits your playstyle, keep reading our guide as we go through the best Weapons, Amulets, Stats, Legion Arms, and P Organ upgrades you should be getting to attain the best Dexterity build in Lies of P. 

Best Weapons For Dexterity Build In Lies Of P

Lies of P Two Dragons Sword
Here's a look at the Two Dragons Sword's stats in Lies of P. (Picture: Hritwik / Neowiz)

There are three weapons, namely Puppet Ripper, Two Dragons Sword, and the Proof of Humanity in Lies of P, that you can use to create the best possible Dexterity build in the game. 

Of the three, if you have to go with only one, we recommend the Two Dragons Sword as it is the ultimate Dex weapon whose scaling with Technique is 'A' from the get-go and can be turned to 'S' using two Technique Cranks

Lies of P Puppet Ripper
The Puppet Ripper is the weapon that we used to deal with most of the bosses in the game after the Puppet King boss fight. (Picture: Hritwik / Neowiz)

However, we recommend the Puppet Ripper when it comes to cheesing enemies, having range with your attacks, and dealing massive AoE damage with your Fable Art. 

The Puppet Ripper's charged attack can even get past hard surfaces like pillars, walls, and such things. You can use this to take out enemies, even some of the bosses, from behind covers. Moreover, thanks to the weapon's range, staggering enemies when their guard is broken is easy.

Lies of P Proof of Humanity
You can obtain the Proof of Humanity sword by exchanging the Nameless Puppet Ergo with Alidoro. (Picture: Hritwik / Neowiz)

 Now, coming to the third recommendation, the Proof of Humanity sword. It is an excellent Dex weapon in Lies of P, whose attack speed is slower than the Two Dragons Sword but is the same as the Puppet Ripper.

It has a slight benefit of dealing CRIT DMG more, thanks to the 30% CRIT Rate bonus that you can even raise more. 

Special mention: You can also use the Uroboros's Eye for a Dexterity build as you can use its Fable Arts Wandering Moon along with the Storm Notice to throw the weapon and deal sustained damage for a set time in Lies of P. Just ensure to increase its Technique scaling using one Technique Crank.

Best Amulets For Dexterity Build In Lies Of P 

Lies of P Amulets
You can increase your Amulet Slots using P Organ upgrades in Lies of P. (Picture: Hritwik / Neowiz)

Here are the best Amulets for the best Dexterity build:

  • Red Fox's Amulet
    • Effect: +3 Motivity and Technique
  • Blue Guardianship Amulet 
    • Effect: Increase the max amount of HP, Stamina, and Legion
  • Conquering Amulet 
    • Effect: Upon a successful Perfect Guard, temporarily increases damage inflicted by a weapon attack 
  • Patience Amulet 
    • Effect: Increases Stamina recovery speed 
  • Arm of God Amulet 
    • Effect: Temporarily increases Physical DMG upon a successful attack 
  • Extreme Modification Amulet
    • Effect: Increases Weapon ATK in proportion to number of Fable Slots. 

Depending on which part of the game you are in and which of the above Amulets are currently acquired, equip them for improving your Dex build in Lies of P. 

If you have completed the game and are looking for the ultimate Dexterity build for your next run, we recommend going for the Conquering Amulet, Arm of God Amulet, Extreme Modification Amulet, and the Blue Guardianship Amulet. 

Best Stats For Dexterity Build In Lies Of P 

Lies of P Stats
Here's a look at stat point distribution for a great Dexterity build. (Picture: Hritwik / Neowiz)

The best stats for a perfect Dexterity build in Lies of P is Technique > Vitality > Capacity > Vigor. Dex weapons in the game scale with the Technique stat, whereas you need high Vitality, which is HP, and Vigor, which is Stamina, to complement the build further. 

Lastly, you can either invest in Capacity stat to ensure you are not overloaded or use the Carrier's Amulet +1 to increase the weight limit significantly. 

Best Legion Arm For Dexterity Build In Lies Of P 

There are two Legion Arms that are best suited for a Dexterity build in Lies of P. The first is Puppet String for mobility, and the second is Falcon Eyes for dealing high damage to enemies from a range.  

Best P Organ Upgrades For Dexterity Build In Lies Of P 

Lies of P P Organ
Here's a look at our P Organ upgrades in Lies of P for a Dex build. (Picture: Hritwik / Neowiz)

When it comes to the P Organ upgrades for your Dexterity build, we recommend the following:

  • Link Dodge 
  • Increase Pulse Cells 1
  • Add Fable Slots 1
  • Increase Staggerable Window 1
  • Rising Dodge
  • Retaub Guard Regain 1
  • Add Amulet Slots 1
  • Increase Pulse Cells 2
  • Enhance Pulse Cells Recovery 2
  • Add Amulet Slots 2
  • Add Fable Slots 2
  • Retain Guard Regain 2

When choosing the sub-upgrades, go for enhancing the different attacks, lowering stamina consumption, enhancing Guard Regain recovery, increasing Pulse Cells, increasing throwing object possession, reducing weapon durability consumption, and such things. 

That concludes our best Dexterity build guide in Lies of P. For more on the game, check out our dedicated Lies of P section