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Best Early Game Weapons & Their Location In Lies Of P

This guide shares some of the best early game weapons you can use in Lies of P.
Best Early Game Weapons & Their Location In Lies Of P
Images Via Neowiz

Lies of P features a decent variety of weapons that players can start collecting and using right from the early game to get an edge over the enemies and make the experience less punishing. 

You get your first weapon when you choose your Path, aka Combat Style, at the beginning of Lies of P, as you take off to Krat Station.

While the starting weapons of each Path are great and can work even in the late game, there are some exceptional weapons you can obtain in the early game that deal outstanding damage, have excellent scaling with specific stats, and much more. 

In this guide, we will share some of our top early game weapons in Lies of P that you should use during your first playthrough. 

Best Early Weapons & Their Location In Lies Of P

Best Weapons In Lies of P
The below weapons are great in general terms and can be obtained in early game. (Picture: Hritwik / Neowiz)

Before we talk about the best early weapons in Lies of P,  you must know that you can change the scaling of any weapon using Cranks and the weapon's moves using the Weapon Assembly game mechanic. 

That being said, here are some of the weapons that we found working well in the early to late game of Lies of P:

Electric Coil Stick 

Lies of P Shock Stick
You can use to charge the Electric Coil Stick to deal even more damage. (Picture: Hritwik / Neowiz)

The Electric Coil Stick is one of the best, if not the best, weapons in Lies of P that you can find in the early game.

Every puppet in the game is weak to lightning damage; therefore, the Electric Coil Stick is the best weapon in the early game, as you will only encounter puppets at that time. 

On top of that, the more you hit enemies with the Electric Coil Stick, the more damage you inflict, all thanks to the lightning damage stacking. 

Moreover, you can add different handles to it to make the weapon meet the current requirements. We prefer the Dancer's Curved Sword Handle as the attacks are fast and cover a decent range horizontally. 

You can get the Electric Coil Stick from the merchant found inside the room on the left side of the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer. 

Salamander Dagger Blade 

Lies of P Salamander Dagger
You can get the Salamander Dagger from a safe inside the Vengini Works Culvert. (Picture: Hritwik / Neowiz)

The Salamander Dagger Blade is a great weapon for dealing with Carcasses and humans in Lies of P. For players who don't know, Carcasses are zombie and necromorph like monsters that you will start encountering in the game mid Chapter 4. 

We have a detailed guide on how to get the Salamander Dagger in Lies of P. You can check it out if you are planning on using the weapon. 

Big Pipe Wrench Head

Big Pipe Wrench
The Big Pipe Wrench is a great weapon for Strength builds in Lies of P. (Picture: Hritwik / Neowiz)

The Big Pipe Wrench Head is best for high Capacity builds with stats more focused around Motivity and Technique. It is a great weapon to stagger enemies quickly and deal massive damage. 

You can find it inside a Treasure Chest in a cave between the Center of Vengini Works and the Moonlight Town Stargazer. 

Tips: The truly exceptional weapons in Lies of P are the boss weapons you can get by exchanging Rare Boss Ergo. Also, there are some more normal weapons that are great for tackling the game, but most of them are found in the mid to late game, at which time you will get many boss weapons. 

That concludes our guide on the best early game weapons in Lies of P. For more on the game, check out our dedicated Lies of P section