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How To Find & Use Legion Plugs In Lies Of P

Unlock powerful and new prosthetics with our guide on how to find all the Legion Plugs in Lies of P.
How To Find & Use Legion Plugs In Lies Of P
Neowiz Games

Although your weapons are your primary tools in Lies of P, you should not underestimate the significance of your Legion Arm. To unlock more potent versions of this valuable prosthetic, players must obtain Legion Plugs. These rare items are the key to unlocking upgraded Legion Arms, offering new combat capabilities.

But the question remains: How can you locate these Legion Plugs? That's where we come in. This guide will provide a comprehensive examination of how to find each Legion Plug in Lies of P, along with an explanation of their role in unlocking new Legion Arms within the game. So, without any further delay, let's delve right into it.

All Legion Plug Locations in Lies of P

Lies Of P Legion Plug Locations And How To Use Locations Below
While some Legion Arm upgrades are received via defeating bosses, the rest require Legion Plugs to unlock, which you can find the locations of below. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

In Lies of P, there are a total of 8 Legion Arms at your disposal. The first one, The Left Arm of Steel, is provided by default at the beginning of the game. The subsequent three Legion Arms, namely Puppet String, Fulminis, and Flamberge, are acquired after defeating the Parade Master, Scrapped Watchman, and King's Flame Fuoco bosses, respectively.

Beyond this point, you'll need Legion Plugs to unlock the remaining four. Now, let's delve into how to locate the remaining four Legion Plugs and unlock the corresponding Legion Arms: Deus Ex Machina, Pandemonium, Aegis, and Falcon Eyes.

  1. St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel: Ascend to the top of the tower where you've previously kicked a brazier off the ledge to dispel the Decay pool below. There, you'll find a lever to activate a wooden elevator shortcut. From this lever, look down to spot a platform leading to a small alcove occupied by two enemies. Inside this alcove, you'll discover a chest containing the Legion Plug.
  2. Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance: While en route to Rosa Isabelle Street, you'll enter a building occupied by chimney sweeper puppet ladies and babies. Within this building, on the top floor, you'll locate the Legion Plug in a safe.
  3. Grand Exhibition Gallery: Upon reaching the hall with the cable car, ascend the stairs and eliminate the white puppet enemy near the chest. Subsequently, open the chest to acquire the Legion Plug.
  4. Krat Central Station Lobby: Shortly after departing from the station, you'll encounter a Decay elite enemy repeatedly striking his head against a door. Defeating this enemy will result in the final Legion Plug dropping.

Upon obtaining all these Legion Plugs, you'll also unlock the "Legion Arm Collector" achievement. Now, let's explore how to utilize these Legion Plugs to craft new Legion Arms in Lies of P.

How To Use Legion Plugs in Lies of P

Lies Of P Legion Plug How To Use Venigni Craft MAchine
Once you have a Legion Plug, you can use the Venigni Craft Machine to create a new Legion Arm of your choosing. (Picture: Shane / Neowiz)

At this stage in the game, you've likely interacted with the Legion Arm crafting system, which functions quite similarly to how it did before. However, this time around, the Legion Plug can be used to create any of the four remaining Legion Arms, as opposed to the initial three, each of which unlocked a specific one. For instance, the Overcharge Storage Battery is exclusively used to craft the Fulminis Legion Arm.

To proceed, after rescuing Venigni from Venigni Works and defeating King's Flame Fuoco, the Venigni Craft Machine in Hotel Krat will become accessible. Simply approach it and interact with the "Craft Legion Arm" option. Here, you can employ the Legion Plugs you've gathered to craft any of the four remaining Legion Arms available in Lies of P.