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Life by You Release Date, Early Access, Price

Here's everything you need to know about Life by You's release date, its early access period, and its price.
Life by You Release Date, Early Access, Price

Life by You is an upcoming life-simulation game helmed by Paradox. In what appears to be a worthy contender to The Sims, Life by You will allow players to shape the story of each character they create. Players can create homes, businesses, furnish and design entire towns, and more. 

What makes Life by You stand out is its promise of full creativity, being designed with mods in mind. The game will also reportedly allow players to craft their own in-game conversations, to allow for complete control of the story telling. Given what the game promises, it's perhaps no surprise that Life by You has caught the attention of simulation fans. And if you're part of this collective, you'll be keen to know when it's set to release, whether it has an early access period, and how much it'll cost. Here's what you need to know.

Life by You Early Access Release Date, How To Play

Life by You is currently heading towards its early access period, which is set to begin on March 5, 2024. The title will be available to play during this period on PC only, via the Epic Games Store and Steam. 

How Long Will Life by You Be In Early Access?

According to an FAQ section on the game's Steam page, Life by You will aim to be in early access for at least 12 months. However, the developers stressed that this is subject to change based on player feedback.

How To Play Life by You Early Access

Players can pre-order Life by You ahead of its early access release (March 5, 2024) in order to gain access to its early access period. 

Life by You Price: How Much Will It Cost?

Players can have their humans go about their daily lives. (Picture: Paradox Interactive)

Currently, players can pre-order Life by You via the Epic Games Store for 39.99 USD / 39.99 EUR / 34.99 GBP. Prices on Steam will be the same once the early access period is live. According to the developers, prices will change once the game leaves early access. Therefore, if you're looking to purchase Life by You regardless, it will be cheaper to do so ahead of its early access launch.  

Life by You Pre-Order Bonuses

Those that pre-order Life by You via the Epic Games Store will receive The Life Begins pack, which includes:

  • Jumpstart Fashion pack
  • Vintage Scooter Vehicle pack
  • Walls to Floors Decor pack
  • Nightclub Vibe pack (available as an early access bonus to all players)

When Will Life by You Launch In Full? Release Date

At the time of writing, developers Paradox Tectonic have not revealed an official release date for the full, complete version of the game. With early access set to start on March 5, 2024, and expected to last for 12 months at a minimum, players should not expect the full release to launch until March 2025 at the earliest