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How to Find All Ducklings in Little Kitty, Big City

After receiving the map, you'll have to go on a quest to find all four ducklings in Little Kitty, Big City.
How to Find All Ducklings in Little Kitty, Big City
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When you finally gain the ability to climb and promptly unlock The Ducklings' Map, you'll also be given your next big quest. The ducklings have all run off before Show and Tell can begin with their dad, and hunting them down is more difficult than it might sound.

While a few of the duckling locations are pretty straightforward based on the map, they'll each have a challenge before you to convince the duckling to head on home. We've got all the answers you need in this guide to finding all four ducklings in Little Kitty, Big City.

Little Kitty, Big City Duckling Locations

Screenshot _38162_

There are four different ducklings scattered around Little Kitty, Big City. Don't bother returning to the dad after you've managed to convince one to head home, as the dad will instead say to keep them together until you have all four.

Fortunately, the ducklings easily follow you and keep up without issue once you've broken each free from their predicament. You can check the map to get a general idea of where the ducklings are at, but a few are tricky to spot even if you're in the right location. Let's go over the Little Kitty, Big City duckling locations one rebellious child at a time.

Arcade Duckling Solution

Little Kitty, Big City 2024-05-10 12-59-13

The order in which you gather the ducklings doesn't matter, but the first you'll likely run into is in the small arcade seen above. This duckling is enjoying a version of Street Fighter, but he won't leave until the screen stops. That means you've gotta go into sabotage mode.

Screenshot _38164_

Look for the table next to the Dance Dance Revolution setup, hop up onto the boxes and then up onto the claw machine directly beside them.

Screenshot _38165_

Turn to your right after getting up on the claw machine, hop up onto the pipes, and turn to face the back side of the room.

Screenshot _38169_

Carefully move across the pipes, if you're worried about falling off use the button to crawl or sneak as it slows you down significantly. Hop down to the red lever seen above and you can interact to pull it and spray water that'll nuke the power to that Street Fighter game.

Grocery Store Duckling Solution

Screenshot _38179_

Next up, you're looking for a duckling at a grocery store. The biggest hurdle here is going to be the clerk, as any time she spots you will result in ejection. You can still go back in after being thrown out, but you may wanna wait until she's across the store and you have a clear path.

Screenshot _38192_

The far right back corner of the store, if you're looking in from the entrance, is where you're headed. There's a heavy fan sitting in that corner, and you wanna interact to start pulling it. Once you have a grip, pull it all the way towards the front of the store to the aisle where the duckling is playing in a puddle.

He'll be blown free, and you can move on to the next duckling. Don't forget to grab and eat the fish over by where the fan was originally placed before you leave.

Laundromat Duckling Solution

Screenshot _38198_

The laundromat is your next best spot to look, but the duckling isn't easy to spot from the outside. First, go to the alley just to the right of this laundromat. Climb up the vine wall and jump onto the nearby ledges to enter through the side window.

Screenshot _38200_

Once inside, make sure to take your nap on the basket of laundry like a good kitty would. As seen on the bottom right corner of the image below, the duckling is taking a ride in the dryer.

Screenshot _38201_

Go speak to the duckling, and he'll inform you the dryer has to be stopped for him to leave. You'll spot the orange cat that helped with feathers earlier in the front corner of the laundromat, and talking to him will help you learn that the big red button seen above needs your noggin planted directly into it. Use the button to get zoomies and hit the button head-first to pop the dryer open and free the duckling.

Fruit Shop Duckling Solution

Screenshot _38202_

Next up, head back to the fruit shop where Mayor sleeps. Enter from this side, and on the wall to your left you should spot an opening to head into a side alley.

Screenshot _38203_

Bolt into the alley before the store clerk can eject you, and snag the nearby hat before climbing time begins.

Screenshot _38209_

Carefully work your way up the alley one precise jump at a time using the metal units and air ducts as ledges.

Screenshot _38211_

Once you're at the proper height, jump to the roof of the fruit shop next door and you'll spot the fourth and final duckling suspended in flight above an air vent. The blue basket of goods seen above needs to be moved. Interact to pull on it and bring that all the way to the vent until it stops the air and drops the duckling.

After this point, you'll finally have found all four ducklings in Little Kitty, Big City. Use your trusty map if needed, and head back to their dad at his pond. Talk to him one final time to return the ducklings and receive a duck hat as a reward.