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How to Get the Map in Little Kitty, Big City

Exploring in Little Kitty, Big City can be daunting until you've unlocked the map.
How to Get the Map in Little Kitty, Big City
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There's no doubt that Little Kitty, Big City lives up to its name as players struggle to get a grasp on the sprawling urban landscape. While you don't have access to it as the game gets rolling, there is a map players will be able to use in Little Kitty, Big City. Here, we'll go over exactly how players can unlock the map and start refining their navigation in Little Kitty, Big City.

How to Unlock the Map in Little Kitty, Big City

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You'll meet the crow early on in Little Kitty, Big City, and he's actually the key to unlocking the map. The crow will give you the task of gathering 25 shinies before things can progress, and you can do that by keeping an eye out all over the city.

If you're struggling to meet that limit, try working on the quests to unlock photo mode and fast travel in Little Kitty, Big City. While neither is directly connected, you'll get opportunities to snag a lot more shinies in the process. Some are found in hidden places, in boxes and trash cans, or sometimes even in jars you can knock to the ground and break. 

Keep at it and soon you'll have all 25 shinies to deliver to the crow. After he's got his reward, you'll receive your first fish and gain the ability to climb. There's a gate covered in vines directly behind the crow which you can now traverse thanks to your new climbing energy.

After you pop over on the other side, take a few steps forward and you'll be greeted by a nearby duck. This is how you'll receive The Ducklings' Map in Little Kitty, Big City. Once acquired, you can open the map at any time to get an idea of where you're at and where some key items or locations can be found.