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Lost Ark Gunslinger build: Best Skills, Engravings and more

Master the popular yet tricky Gunslinger class in Lost Ark. Here's the best character build, weapon skills, tripods, Engravings and Awakening Skills.
Lost Ark Gunslinger build: Best Skills, Engravings and more

The Gunslinger is one of four Gunner Advanced Classes in Lost Ark. What makes this class quite challenging to learn is the number of weapons players can wield and swap between weapons with ease.

They can achieve this without a cooldown period; however, it is challenging to rotate multiple weapons based on varying conditions. Nevertheless, the Gunslinger has some significant advantages for those willing to master the class, including excellent versatility and ranged damage, making them great DPS characters.

This guide details the best Gunslinger guide most players can utilise in Lost Ark, covering the best weapon skills and tripods, Engravings and Awakening Skills.

What is the best Gunslinger build in Lost Ark?

We'll be looking at the best skills and tripods for all three weapons, including the handgun, shotgun, sniper rifle, and the best Engravings for the best Gunslinger build.

lost ark gunslinger guide best build overall
What weapons skills, tripods, Engravings and more will serve players best as a gunslinger? (Picture: Smilegate & Amazon Games)

We're considering skills and tripods for this build that can be used for both PvE and PvP conditions, with a few adjustments when clearing out dungeons.

Best skills and tripods for Gunslinger build


Spiral Tracker


Weakness Exposure

Quick Pace


Quick Step


Excellent Mobility

Rapid Fire

Vital Point Shot

Somersault Shot


Agile Movement

Burn Effect

Super Armor



Weakness Exposure

Enemy Raid

Vital Point Shot

Dexterous Shot


Weakness Exposure

Master of Evasion

Agile Shot

Bullet Rain


Vital Point Shot

Rapid Fire

Flame Sho

Shotgun Rapid Fire


In a Tight Spot


Extended Shot

Last Request


Quick Preparation





Special Bullet

In a Tight Spot

Frost Haven

Spiral Flame


Ice Shot

Kill Confirmation

Rear Blast

Perfect Shot


Bleed Effect

Precision Shot

Enhanced Shot




Defenceless Target

Carpet Bombing

Best Engravings for a Gunslinger build

The gunslinger class has two class-specific Engravings, namely Time to Hunt and Peacemaker, allowing players to apply a unique buff or effect to their character.

The Time to Hunt Engraving will increase the CRIT Rate for both the handgun and sniper rifle, weakening your shotgun stats.

lost ark gunslinger guide engravings
Engravings are added buffs or effects that can contribute to your character's overall stats. (Picture: Smilegate & Amazon Games)

In turn, it makes the Gunslinger less adaptable; however, it means that players will only have to switch between two weapons, not three, for this build. Fortunately, it makes mastering the Gunslinger class much more accessible as this Engraving can be good for players starting.

Players will focus on bolstering their CRIT rate stats to maximise the CRIT DMG for the handgun and overall DMG output for their rifle. A Level 1 Time to Hunt Engraving should be sufficient for a competent Gunslinger build.

lost ark gunslinger guide engraving peacekeeper
The Peacekeeper Engraving is the most popular playstyle for the Gunslinger class. (Picture: Smilegate & Amazon Games)

The Peacemaker Engraving is the most popular playstyle in Lost Ark as it enhances the stats for all three weapons.

With increased speed for the handgun, CRIT Rate for shotgun, and DMG output for the rifle, the skills for each weapon are well-distributed, especially placing great emphasis on CRIT Rate similarly to the Time to Hunt playstyle.

As mentioned before, the type of Engraving players wish to equip to their build is based on players' preference and preferred playstyle.

Both Engravings increases the CRIT Rate for the handgun and DMG output for the rifle to eliminate hordes of enemies efficiently; it's hard to pick between the two, so try both and see which best suits your playstyle needs.

Gunslinger Awakening Skills

This class only has two available Awakening Skills, the Eye of Twilight and High Caliber HE Bullet.

lost ark gunslinger guide awakening skill eye of twilight
The Eye of Twilight is one of two Awakening Skills for the Gunslinger class. (Picture: Smilegate & Amazon Games)

The Eye Of Twilight grants a debuff that reduces movement speed and ATK speed, but damages enemies within the AoE once triggered. Additionally, it inflicts staggering and weakening effects to the affected enemies, which the debuff clears after shooting.

The High Caliber HE Bullet Awakening Skill is quite handy when clearing dungeons, raids and other similar activities as it deals massive AoE damage to enemies. Targeting an enemy whilst leaping backwards to fire a single bullet detonates an enormous blast to enemies in the AoE.

With this build, players will be utilising skills, abilities, and passives to take advantage of the Gunslinger's versatility and great ranged damage while increasing movement, DMG output, and CRIT Rate.

The Gunslinger will initially be a challenge for players, but it provides a satisfying experience that maximises their unique capabilities.

We want to thank the YouTube channel, Fextralife, for the comprehensive guide into the Gunslinger build for Lost Ark.


Featured image courtesy of Smilegate & Amazon Games.