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Lost Ark Cards: How to obtain, build decks, upgrading and more

Collect, upgrade and build card decks to boost your character's attack, defence and activity stats in Lost Ark.
Lost Ark Cards: How to obtain, build decks, upgrading and more

Lost Ark boost a diverse class system, incredible world-building and high fantasy lore that will be widely successful with MMO players. As they are plenty of activities to do, quests to complete and events to participate in, players may want to invest in boosting their character’s stats.

The game has a card system that is a form of collectable that grants characters minor attributes and bonuses when equipped. This guide will explore how the card system functions, how to build a card deck and how to upgrade your cards in Lost Ark.

How do cards work in Lost Ark?

As we mentioned above, Lost Ark has a robust card system that provides various effects and bonuses to your character. Players can build a card deck, depending on character build or use in PvE or PvP modes, which gives them overall benefits and unlocking permanent stat bonuses when equipped.

lost ark guide cards collection complete raids
Players can collect cards from various in-game activities including raids. (Picture: Smilegate & Amazon Games)

Players can collect cards almost everywhere in-game, from completing various quests, events, raids, dungeons, or random drops. Additionally, they can also collect cards from clearing certain Guardian Raid Bosses to drop Guardian Raid Bosses cards.

How to build a card deck in Lost Ark?

When building a deck, it’s important to note that players can only have a maximum of six cards added. Equipping random cards from multiple sets won’t grant players bonuses, as they need at least two cards from a single set for the bonus to be activated.

lost ark cards guide card set match deck building
Players can equip two or more cards from a set to gain effect bonuses. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles)

Players can gain more powerful card effects and bonuses when equipping two, three, four and six cards from one set into their deck. They can mix and match card sets within a single deck to gain multiple card effects and bonuses. To view the card set bonuses, they can click on the “Set Effect Details” above every card set.

Additionally, players can expand their deck slots to support card deck builds. To start building a card deck, they navigate to the Cards menu and select the “Equip” tab on the top left of their screen.

lost ark cards guide card deck builidng interface
Players can spend coins to expand their slots to build more decks. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles)

Furthermore, there are card books that grant permanent bonuses if players have collected all the cards from that collection. Card books will buff the stats for all characters available in your roster.

How to upgrade cards in Lost Ark?

All cards in Lost Ark are upgradable, which can be spotted by the number of gems appearing at the bottom of each card. Every gem represents a card level starting from Level 0 and the maximum at Level 5.

lost ark cards guides card enhancement
Cards can be upgraded with the maximum level cap at 5. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles)

Every card needs Card Experience to upgrade, which can only be gained when sacrificing duplicate cards. Once the experience bar is complete, they must sacrifice more duplicate cards to upgrade them.

Depending on the card’s rarity, the more Card Experience it needs, the more duplicate cards need to be sacrificed. Players can upgrade cards by navigating to the Cards menu and selecting the “Enhance” tab on the top left of their screen.

This concludes the guide to learning and understanding how cards function in Lost Ark. We want to thank the YouTube channel, Kibbles, for providing the complete tutorial on cards in Lost Ark.



Featured image courtesy of Smilegate & Amazon Games.