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Lost Ark: Which is better – dismantling or selling old gear?

Learn how to take control of your inventory in Lost Ark by better managing your items by dismantling or selling them.
Lost Ark: Which is better – dismantling or selling old gear?

Throughout your journey in Arkesia, players will acquire more robust gear and weaponry that could surpass their older items within the inventory. With the addition of valuables that will enhance your gear, it would be wise to consider selling or breaking it down.

Both options will offer great rewards, and it helps with freeing space within your inventory; however, which is the best option? This guide discusses the benefits of dismantling and selling items and how to dismantle items in Lost Ark.

Should you dismantle or sell gear in Lost Ark?

The topic of dismantling and selling is a fairly common subject spreading across many popular RPG and MMO games. It is no different in Lost Ark, as many players have contemplated which option grants them better rewards.

As a general rule of thumb, many players would advise selling gear since it pays reasonably well, depending on the rarity of the equipment. However, there might be a high chance they're missing out on valuable items through dismantling.

So, what is the best solution? We suggest using the dismantling option for older gear and weapons, especially if you're still levelling up. This is because it allows players to obtain items that wouldn't otherwise take up too much space within the inventory.

lost ark dismantle sell guide inventory dismantle menus
Bring up your inventory to locate the dismantle icon to add items for dismantling. (Picture: YouTube / Dvalin)

Additionally, it prevents players from locating a merchant once they've become over-encumbered. Finally, regardless of whether they've acquired less-valued or higher-valued items through dismantling, it will still offer Gold once sold.

How to dismantle items in Lost Ark?

Should players wish to dismantle items in Lost Ark, they can achieve this by navigating to their inventory before starting the dismantling process. First, they must locate the icon that looks like a hammer and anvil in the bottom left of the inventory panel and then click on it.

lost ark dismantle sell guide menu dismantle auto dism. icons
Look out for these icons at the bottom of the inventory and Dismantle menus. (Picture: YouTube / Dvalin)

Next, the dismantle panel will appear on the screen, which they can select and drag (or right-click) items into for dismantling. Players can also sort the items to dismantle based on rarity to make it easier to locate them.

If players wish not to dismantle items manually, they can enable the Auto Dismantle feature in-game. This mainly applies to lesser items, including gear components and weapons, in which they can select the item rank, tier and required to dismantle the items automatically.

This feature is located within the Dismantle menu by selecting "Auto-Dism. Stg." located at the bottom. Learning to manage your inventory will be vital; however, Lost Ark has a personal storage feature to help unburden your inventory if you require more space.

We want to thank the YouTube channel, Dvalin, for the comprehensive guide to dismantling and selling gear in Lost Ark.


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