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Lost Ark Personal Storage: How to access, Crystalline Aura, more

Discover how to access the personal storage system and become proficient in inventory management in Lost Ark.
Lost Ark Personal Storage: How to access, Crystalline Aura, more

Lost Ark’s open-world environment is bustling with plenty of activities to do, quests to complete and places to explore. There are many items players can acquire, loot, or purchase that can be of use during their adventures in-game.

However, after time, it will create some issues once your inventory space starts to get low and having to prioritise which items to keep or sell can be daunting. This guide explores how players can access the personal storage feature to prevent making the ultimate decision of what to keep and what to part ways with.

What is the personal storage feature in Lost Ark?

Throughout your exploration in Arkesia, you will encounter opportunities to collect loot, farm resources and materials and purchase items through the shop. However, with all these items in your inventory, you will become over-encumbered and want to eliminate items weighing you down.

lost ark guide personal storage exploration items gear resources
During your adventures, players will accumulate items, gear and resources within their inventory. (Picture: Smilegate & Amazon Games)

Lost Ark has a personal storage system for players to store items or swap out items between their characters safely. To access your personal storage can be done in two ways outlined below.

How to access the personal storage in Lost Ark?

Players can locate a Storage Keeper in every town and city in Arkesia. They can be found on the minimap by the chest icon as they are usually spotted carrying a backpack.

lots ark guide personal storage storage keeper icon mini map
The Storage Keeper can be marked on the mini-map with the chest icon. (Picture: YouTube / Dvalin)

When talking to a Storage Keeper, they’ll have access to 180 slots from which they can use to store valuable items, gear and resources or rotate items amongst their characters. There is the option to expand their personal storage capacity, but 180 slots should be fine for all players, including beginners.

The second option players can access their personal storage is to have a Crystalline Aura active with a pet. Navigate to the Pet Functions submenu by hitting ALT + P to access their storage anytime, anywhere, however, at the price of having the Crystalline Aura in effect.

lost ark guide personal storage inventory slots
Players are allocated 180 slots of personal storage capacity when starting out. (Picture: YouTube / Dvalin)

The latter is much easier to explore as it allows players to access their personal storage wherever they may be. Additionally, having the Crystalline Aura prevents players from visiting their nearest town or city for a Storage Keeper.

What is the Crystalline Aura in Lost Ark?

New players who have purchased the Founder’s Pack may have stumbled on this item but aren’t aware of its significance. The Crystalline Aura is the game’s subscription plan that grants its owners access to a myriad of features that can save them money and time if bought via the in-game shop.

lost ark guide personal storage crystalline aura subscription
To purchase a Crystalline Aura, visit the shop in-game to gain the item's bonuses. (Picture: YouTube / Dvalin)

While the Crystalline Aura will set players back at least 420 Blue Crystals, it will benefit players with all the bonuses they’ll receive. As such, the Crystalline Aura will remain active for 30 days, for which players can purchase it again once it expires.

Having access to your storage will see many learning the art of inventory management; however, deciding which items to keep or sell will be a thing of the past. Just ensure that your storage capacity is well-organised and efficient to use.

We'd like to thank the YouTube channel, Dvalin, for explaining how the personal storage system functions in Lost Ark.


Featured image courtesy of Smilegate & Amazon Games.