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Lost Ark Deathblade build: Best Skills, Engravings and more

The Deathblade build will help maximise your damage and movement speed in Lost Ark. Here are the best weapon skills, Engravings & more!
Lost Ark Deathblade build: Best Skills, Engravings and more

Lost Ark's Deathblade class is a member of the Assassin character class, which has a high damage output, rapid movement speed, and wields three weapons, akin to the gunslinger class build. While this class is one of the fastest in-game, they're rather tricky to play due to their constant change in positioning.

Regardless, they make an excellent choice for players seeking a good melee DPS character that buffs party members while damaging enemies. This guide looks at the best Deathblade guide most players can utilise in Lost Ark, covering the best weapon skills and tripods, Engravings and Awakening Skills.

What is the Death Orb mechanic?

The Death Orb functions as the Deathblade's meter, which, when triggered, players enter a phase or passive ability known as the Deathblade Arts. The damage they'll inflict during the stage will be collected in a Death Orb for which the character possesses three Death Orbs.

lost ark guide deathblade death orbs meter
The Death Orbs can be seen at the bottom of the screen. (Picture: YouTube / Fextralife)

Once an orb is charged up with energy, it can trigger the Deathblade Arts, which will offer players a host of buffs or effects; however, keep an eye on your orb's meter. When the orb's energy is drained, the Deathblades Arts will end.

What's the best Deathblade build in Lost Ark?

The Deathblade, similar to the Gunslinger class, has a weapon set comprising three weapons: dual short daggers and a longsword, which inflicts high DMG attacks thanks to the fast ATK and movement speeds.

Essentially, the Deathblade can blitz across the battlefield while frantically attacking enemies with their flurry of attacks and quickly move away from enemy attacks.

lost ark guide deathblade build weapon skills spincutter
The Spincutter is one of the many weapon skills players will have access to for their Deathblade build. (Picture: Smilegate & Amazon Games)

As they constantly move, they possess skills that protect the Deathblade from crowd control damage and come with buffs that bolster the party's movement speed.

Players can use the build for PvP and PvE since it utilises the character's weapons skills and tripods for a fun and competitive experience.

Spincutter Open Weakness Quick Prep Triple Spin
Dark Axel Quick Pace Corkscrew High Axel
Soul Absorber Wide-Angle Attack Ice Cold Hands Halve
Moonlight Sonic Burning Hands Quick Prep Shade Sonic
Maelstorm Orb Control Dark Order Overwhelm
Blitz Rush Vital Point Hit All-round Shadow Rush

Best Engravings for a Deathblade build

Every class in Lost Ark has Engravings that further enhance character expertise within their chosen Advanced Class. As most classes have two class-specific Engravings that determine the preferred playstyle for that class, Engraving players' choice should be their decision alone.

Surge's first Engraving allows players to take advantage of the Deathblade Surge ability, regardless of the number of Death Orbs they possess. To utilise this Engraving, they will need to use their Normal Attacks against their enemies to build up their Surge Enhancement effect when the Deathblade Arts are triggered.

This effect is stacked for a maximum of 20 stacks. The more stacks gained, the greater the damage inflicted and Death Orb energy obtained once the Death Orb meter is drained. This Engraving does sound complex but is much easier to use if included in your build.

lost ark guide deathblade engraving surge
The Surge Engraving can stack its Surge Enhancement effect for a maximum of 20 stacks. (Picture: YouTube / Fextralife)

On the other hand, the Remaining Energy Engraving grants players a buffer of two seconds once the Deathblade Arts are activated, which then the Death Orb meter starts to deplete. Their ATK speed, movement speed and ATK power stats are boosted for a limited period using the Deathblade Arts.

While most players will avoid the complex Surge Engraving for the Remaining Energy, however, both Engravings are fantastic options to use. Nevertheless, Remaining Energy does possess great PvE benefits that many would consider.

Deathblade Awakening Skills

The Deathblade comes with two Awakening Skills, namely Blade Assault and Flash Blink. While players will have to choose which Engraving to include in their build, they can equip both Awakening Skills; however, only use one at a time.

lost ark guide deathblade awakening skill flash blink
Blink, and you'll miss this Awakening Skill in play. (Picture: Smilegate & Amazon Games)

The Blade Assault, when activated, allows players to launch forward as they deal damage to enemies within a straight line. Once they've reached the Perfect damage Zone, they'll be able to deal more damage when throwing blades at enemies, knocking them back as they launch them into the air.

The Flash Blink is not as finessed as the Blade Assault as this Awakening Skill will see their character move forward, launching a flurry of attacks using all three blades. This inflicts plenty of damage to their enemies as they knock them back into the air.

The Deathblade class can rather a fun experience, moving swiftly across the field while launching rapid attacks, which significantly enhances the damage output against enemies.

As this class may be simple to use, a few of its skills and effects are pretty complex to understand that players will need to adapt should they wish to master this class.

We want to thank the YouTube channel, Fextralife, for the comprehensive guide into the Deathblade build for Lost Ark.


Featured image courtesy of Smilegate & Amazon Games.