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Can you transfer Lost Ark Founder’s Packs items?

Can you transfer Founder’s Packs items on a new Lost Ark server? Developer Smilegate has prepared some extra bonuses for players who want to transition to less populated servers.
Can you transfer Lost Ark Founder’s Packs items?

Lost Ark has finally arrived, and MMO fans from the West are delightfully exploring everything that this highly-praised Korean action RPG has to offer.

Even before the official release on 11th February 2022, those who were inpatient to immediately try the game were able to jump into action three days prior to the official launch, thanks to the "head start" bonus which was granted to everyone who has purchased one of the "Founder's Pack" editions.

The Founder's Pack is a microtransaction, a bag of digital goodies for players who want to support the game and get some fancy cosmetical items and gameplay bonuses in the process.

And while each of the Founder's Pack editions definitely packs a lot of value for players who are ready to spend cash on Lost Ark, one major problem has soon become apparent.

These bonuses are server-locked, which means that you can not transfer them once you redeem your Founder's Pack items on a specific server. 

Lost Ark developers, Smilegate, have luckily acknowledged this issue and have now offered some sort of a solution.

How to transfer Lost Ark Founder's Packs items to another server?

How to transfer Lost Ark Founder’s Packs items to another server
The Platinum Founder's Pack comes stacked with items and bonuses. (Picture: Amazon)

Unfortunately, once you redeem your Founder’s Packs items on a specific server for the first time, they are staying bound to that particular server.

This has created problems not only for players who would like to switch to another server but also for Smilegate, as they have realised that by locking the Founder’s Packs items on a single server, they are also essentially discouraging players from transit to less stressed servers.

Many players would like to find some less populated servers to play, where they will need not wait countless hours in queues just to enter the game, but they are reluctant to make that move, as they don't want to part ways with the items they have purchased for real money.

Smilegate has come up with a solution in offering Founder’s Packs owners one-time gifts which they can redeem again on another server.

Can you transfer Lost Ark Founder’s Packs items?
Anyone who has already redeemed their Lost Ark Founder’s Packs items will get extra items to redeem on any Lost Ark server. (Picture: Amazon)

All players who have redeemed their pack by Monday, 14th February, at 9 pm CET / 8 pm GMT / 3 pm ET / 12 pm PT, will receive an extra set of the exclusive items from a Founder’s Pack (the one they have redeemed).

And they can redeem these items on any server they like

Here are all extra rewards, per edition:

Bronze Pack

  • Founder’s Title
  • Founder’s Exclusive Pet (Untradeable)

Silver Pack

  • Founder’s Title
  • 150 Royal Crystals
  • Founder’s Exclusive Pet (Untradeable)

Gold Pack

  • Founder’s Title
  • 500 Royal Crystals
  • Founder's Exclusive Pet (Untradeable)
  • Northern Lawmaker Skin (Untradeable)

Platinum Pack

  • Founder’s Title
  • 1,000 Royal Crystals
  • Founder's Exclusive Pet (Untradeable)
  • Northern Lawmaker Skin (Untradeable)
  • Founder’s Platinum Skin (Untradeable)
  • Founder's Exclusive Mount (Untradeable)
  • Platinum Welcome Crate (Untradeable)
  • Founder's Exclusive Wallpaper*
  • Founder's Exclusive Structure
  • Legendary Rapport Gift Selection Chest
  • Launch Limited Card Pack

Players will receive these items in their Product Inventory, and they will not be tradable. They will be claimable on any server you choose.

The exact time when will these items become available is yet to be announced.


Featured image courtesy of Smilegate & Amazon Games.