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Lost Ark - Max level cap and roster cap

Learn all you need to know about the max level cap and roster cap in Lost Ark.
Lost Ark - Max level cap and roster cap

The grind is just beginning for Lost Ark players, with the demanding MMO gatekeeping a lot of content behind a high level and roster cap.

For those new to MMO terminology, level cap simply refers to a single character's level. On the other hand, the roster cap refers to an aggregate tallying of all of your characters' levels spread out across different servers.

With how massive Lost Ark is, it's not unlikely the vast majority of players op to have different characters in multiple servers, making the roster cap an important stat to keep track of.

With all that being said, let's take a look at both the max level cap and the roster level cap in Lost Ark.

What is the max level cap in Lost Ark?

lost ark max level
Players are set for a long grind to reach max level in Lost Ark. (Picture: Tripod Studio)

To keep those players that have been dedicated to the grind since the free-to-play MMO developed by Tripod Studio, the max level cap was increased for the full release.

As it stands, the current max level cap for a single character in Lost Ark is 60. Before launch, the max level cap in Lost Ark was set at 55, with an added five levels added on 7th February.

From level 50 onwards, players who seek out to get the max level cap of 60 will be rewarded with additional skill points every time they level up.

What is the roster cap in Lost Ark?

lost ark roster cap
Players can have a bunch of different characters on multiple Lost Ark servers. (Picture: Tripod Studio)

On the other hand, the roster cap, which was set at 100 during the closed beta, was increased to 250 for the full release of Lost Ark. One more thing worth pointing out is that previously, the roster cap was referred to as "Expedition level."

There are many ways for you to increase your max level cap, but one of the most efficient ways is, of course, to finish the main questline. Not only do you get a lot of experience for the character you're using throughout the quest once you finish it but you'll be rewarded with a Powerpass, a special item that you can use to max level a different character.

Hitting the max and roster caps might be a grind but it's absolutely worth it to explore all the endgame content Lost Ark offers.


Featured image courtesy of Tripod Studio.