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Lost Ark Endgame content: Chaos Dungeons, Towers and more

Once players have obtained Level 50 in Lost Ark, several endgame activities are available to participate in and collect rewards offered.
Lost Ark Endgame content: Chaos Dungeons, Towers and more

Lost Ark offers a plethora of amazing content for players to participate in, such as story quests, side quests, sailing activities, World Events and more. At the same time, they'll further their character progression through these activities and explore what Arkesia offers.

At this point, they'll be able to reach Level 50, so the question many have asked is, "what's next"? In this guide, we'll explore the important endgame content they can consider participating in, the rewards it offers and other endgame content worth looking out for.

Lost Ark Endgame Content: What are Chaos Dungeons?

When starting the endgame content for Lost Ark, the PvE mode, Chaos Dungeons, should be highly prioritised by players and should be the first to participate. This PvE mode will be unlocked once they've reached Level 50, from which they'll also unlock Gear Honing.

 lost ark endgame content guide chaos dungeons gear honing unlock
Once they've reached Level 50, they'll unlock the Gear Honing system and endgame content for Lost Ark which includes Chaos Dungeons. (Picture: Smilegate & Amazon Games)

When embarking within a Chaos Dungeon, they'll get to battle against waves of enemies over three stages. They'll need to combat these waves within a five-minute timer if they wish to move onto the next stage.

Even so, the enemy types and the locations of the Chaos Dungeons will differ as they unlock the higher tiers of the endgame content. Once they've cleared a Chaos Dungeon, they'll acquire various rewards, including gear, honing materials, accessories and more. We suggest participating in higher levelled dungeons for greater rewards.

Regardless, Chaos Dungeons is vital in your progression through the endgame content. It helps with levelling up alternate characters or earning Gold quicker.

lost ark endgame content guide chaos dungeons character progression
Players can partake in a Chaos Dungeon at least twice daily to reap the rewards. (Picture: Smilegate & Amazon Games)

Those who wish to partake in a Chaos Dungeon can do so twice daily as it takes around 5-10 minutes to finish every stage. Chaos Dungeons can be cleared out solo or in a team; the choice is dependent on the player.

Lost Ark Endgame Content: What are Guardian Raids?

Guardian Raids is the PvE component of Lost Ark's endgame content where players have to locate the Guardian boss somewhere on a map. Much like the Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids are too unlocked at the Level 50 cap; however, they only become available after clearing a handful of Chaos Dungeons.

Throughout the Guardians Raids, either by running around looking for the Guardian boss within zones or utilising a flare to signal the location momentarily. As such, once they've met up with the boss, they'll have around 10-20 minutes to defeat it before the countdown runs out.

lost ark endgame content guide guardian raids elimnitae guardian boss
Locate the Guardian Boss and harvest its soul to earn a plethora of rewards including cards, books and more. (Picture: Smilegate & Amazon Games)

Guardian Raids highly encourages players to work together to eliminate the boss to harvest its soul upon completion. This grants them a plethora of loot to collect; however, it would be wise to partake in Guardians Raids twice daily.

The Guardians Raids have imposed various limitations set up. These include the number of times you're allowed to revive a party member and consumables to bring to a Guardian Raid.

What makes the Guardian Raids so lucrative is the bounty of loot that drops, including accessories, cards, books, jewels and more. In addition, they also drop upgrading materials, which are not bound to your main character, which they can transfer to your alternate character or sell for Gold on the Auction Houses.

lost ark endgame content guide guardian raids drops cards
Cards are some of the loot drops players can collect from Guardian Raids. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles)

It is quite possible to achieve if they wish to do more Chaos Dungeons or Guardian Raids. The downside is that clearing either won't be beneficial as the rewards earned won't be as much for the first daily runs.

Lost Ark Endgame Content: What are Towers?

Yet another PvE mode for Lost Ark, Towers, is a single-player run where players have to progress through every tower level by completing specific objectives. These will get increasingly difficult as they climb through each level; however, they grant greater rewards upon completion.

Towers have a set time limit for them to clear waves of enemies on each level, so this requires planning and utilising every tool and item within your inventory. After clearing a level, they'll receive a reward before progressing to the next level should they complete it within the time limit.

lost ark endgame content guide towers pve mode skill point potions
Complete the Towers PvE mode to earn the Skill Point Potions, which are beneficial to max out your abilities. (Picture: Smilegate & Amazon Games)

Players should consider participating in a Tower as it grants players the most crucial reward it has to offer: Skill Point Potions. These Skill Point Potions are essential to levelling up your Skill Tree to max out the abilities you're using.

Lost Ark Endgame Content: What are Abyssal Dungeons?

Abyssal Dungeons are possibly the most challenging PvE mode for players to complete compared to Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids and Towers, as previously mentioned. Despite their difficulty, they do, in turn, offer rewards such as gear items, currencies, upgrading materials and more which can be highly beneficial to your character progression.

As your continuously upgrade your gear, similarly, they'll unlock higher tier levels of the Abyssal Dungeons, which will offer higher-quality equipment, items and materials. Likewise, it will also be available at Level 50, after completing the blue-coloured story quests for which Abyssal Dungeons must be completed in teams of four players.

They can participate in other endgame content, like World Events, including Adventure Islands, Chaos Gates, Field Bosses, Ghost Ships. These will be available to players quite frequently and can be tracked through the Clock Menu in the top-left corner of the screen.

And herein concludes the complete guide to understanding Lost Ark's endgame content. Once players have reached Level 50, all the hard work starts with the game's endgame content.


Featured image courtesy of Smilegate & Amazon Games.