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Lost Ark Rapport Guide

The importance of the Rapport system in Lost Ark isn't perfectly clear for some players. In this guide, we will explain why you need to pay attention to the Rapport system and which Lost Ark NPCs are best to build rapport with.
Lost Ark Rapport Guide

The Rapport system in Lost Ark is another interesting option for players to engage with the diverse cast of characters in this action MMORPG.

It is essentially a friend-o-meter that gauge the level of affinity between you and the characters you'll meet across the world of Arkesia.

Not all characters will be involved in the Rapport system, but you can easily see the full list of characters with whom you can build up a rapport. Each of these characters has a special Rapport bar, and you can see the full list by accessing your Rapport tab, where you can see both the level of your rapport as well as all the rewards which each character will grant you.

Is Lost Ark Rapport important?

Lost Ark Rapport Guide
Rapport in Lost Ark is your way of connecting with the important characters. (Picture: Amazon)

Think of the Rapport system as a type of networking in Arkesia. You meet various important characters and as you are being nice to them with gifts, emotes, or by playing music, their affinity towards you will grow and they will bless you with various rewards.

These rewards might not seem particularly interesting at first, but they are not designed to give you power spikes, rather they are build-up rewards and bonuses that will show their level of power in the long run as you progress through the game.

Keep in mind that Lost Ark is an absolutely humongous game with so much content to dive into, and sometimes you'll not see the fruits of your labour immediately, but it will be evident eventually.

Every single bit of help in Lost Ark is valuable and important, both because of the difficulty of the game and because of its inherent grinding mechanics.

Aside from their pure gameplay value, there are numerous unique items that can only be obtained via the Rapport system from specific Rapport NPCs, such as many Lost Ark Cards, for example. Other than that, you can also receive rewards such as various cosmetics and currencies, attribute and skill points, and more. Most of these rewards can be used with all your characters on that server! 

Best Lost Ark NPCs to build Rapport with

Lost Ark Rapport Guide
The Rapport system in Lost Ark will provide you with a steady flow of rewards and resources. (Picture: Amazon)

The game offers a lot of Rapport characters and thus there are no clear winners here, and it all depends on your personal needs.

In the early game, many experienced players suggest focusing on Thirain in Luterra Castle, as she will provide you with a lot of gold, which is probably the most important in-game currency, and you will want to have it as much as possible.

But, you don't need to worry too much about this, as eventually, you will progress through most of these Rapport levels with all of the available Rapport NPCs, and the only thing you need to think about is what you need at that specific moment.

We already mentioned that you can see all of the rewards across all Rapport NPCs upfront, which means that you can make meaningful decisions based on your current needs. One way or another, you will eventually grind through all Rapport NPC levels.


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