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Lost Ark - Resist or Swear Fealty

Resist or Swear Fealty in Lost Ark is one of the tougher choices players will be presented with, and this guide will help you understand all the consequences and make the right choice for you.
Lost Ark - Resist or Swear Fealty

The action MMORPG, Lost Ark, is mostly focused on combat, looting, and grinding, but at its core, it is still an RPG game, which means that you will often have various dialogue options where you will need to make some decisions and then either enjoy your rewards or deal with the consequences. 

One such choice will be given to you during the Glorious Wall quest. During the first stages of this quest, you will be fighting an absolutely epic night-time battle on the walls of Luterra Castle.

You and your allies will be pushing through countless enemy armies, co-ordinate things either alone or with other players, and giving timely signals with drums in order to notify different parts of the army when to attack.

And then, in the throne room, you will be given seemingly one of the most impactful choices yet in Lost Ark - should your resist or swear fealty?

Should you resist or swear fealty in Lost Ark?

Resist Or Swear Fealty In Lost Ark choice
Before entering the throne room, you'll fight an epic battle on the walls. (Picture: SmileGate)

Upon reaching Luterra Castle's throne room, you will have a little conversation with Scherrit.

Scherrit will present you with an opportunity to betray your friends and align yourself with demonic powers.

For many players, when they find themselves in front of this choice, it might look like a crucial, story-changing moment, and it is understandable that they don't want to rush with the decision here.

Here's what both choices bring in terms of consequences.

resist or swear fealty in Lost Ark
Scherrit will offer you to Swear Fealty to him in Lost Ark, and you have an option to resist. (Picture: SmileGate)

If you choose to resist

If you reject an offer to join the demonic legions, things will continue to develop as they were up until now in the Glorious Wall quest.

The boss fight against Scherrit will commence following a few lines of dialogue, and Scherrit will be the one to deliver the first blow.

If you choose to swear fealty

On paper, this might seem like a drastic, story-altering choice, but in reality, things will unfold in more or less the same manner.

It will quickly turn out that your allegiance is actually just a cunning move to trick Scherrit into believing you, allowing you to come close and initiate the battle with the first punch.

So there you have it, as you can see there are no real consequences story-wise, whether you choose to resist or swear fealty to Scherrit.


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