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Lost Ark Key Swallowed by Mimic - how to use

How to use the "Key Swallowed by Mimic" item, is a question that is bothering many new Lost Ark players, as they are not exactly sure what to do with this mysterious item. Here's everything you need to know about the Key Swallowed by Mimic in Lost Ark.
Lost Ark Key Swallowed by Mimic - how to use

Despite being a game from South Korea, Lost Ark draws inspiration from numerous western mythologies and fantasy worlds.

There's a clear influence of European mythologies, for example, the Cerberus mount from Greek mythology. Then, there are traditional fantasy races like Elves and Dwarfs, many Tolkien-inspired elements, and, of course, a myriad of things borrowed from Dungeons and Dragons, a fantasy RPG setting that has pioneered the modern concept of RPG games, both in tabletop and digital forms.

While playing Lost Ark, Dungeons and Dragons aficionados will immediately recognize numerous aspects from the godfather of RPG games. Among them are Mimics.

This classic Dungeons & Dragons monster is one of the most recognisable foes in D&D and its various forms have found their place in numerous RPG games across the world. You can never make a mistake by adding a Mimic in your RPG, as it brings interesting tension and an element of surprise whenever a player is roaming through a dungeon and sees a chest. Is it juicy loot, or a trap in the form of a mimic?

Mimics are present in Lost Ark, and they are involved in one particular puzzle that has many players baffled.

How to use Key Swallowed by Mimic in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark Key Swallowed by Mimic - how to use
You'll find many Key Swallowed by Mimic items in the Nevatia Ruins. (Picture: Smilegate)

In Lost Ark, Mimics can be found in the Ozhorn Hill area, among the piles of debris in the Nevatia Ruins.

The Cursed Ruins quest will have you headed to this zone, and there you will encounter a whole lot of good old Mimics.

They are not particularly challenging foes, you'll beat them with ease, and upon killing them, every single one of them will drop the mysterious "Key Swallowed by Mimic" item.

The only thing you'll learn about this item is in its description, which reads - "Mimics are not picky eaters, I suppose."

Naturally, this is making many players crazy as they want to know what's the purpose of Key Swallowed by Mimic in Lost Ark.

We will not beat around the bush, and will jump straight to the answer - there is no purpose for the Key Swallowed by Mimic item, they have no gameplay use.

Lost Ark Key Swallowed by Mimic - how to use
The truth is that these Key Swallowed by Mimic items have no practical use in Lost Ark. (Picture: Smilegate via ZaFrostPet)

Yes, you've read that correctly. The story concept behind this is that Mimics represent their master's greed. The greedier their master is, the more they fed on that greed.

The Mimics's greed will eventually have them eat even their masters, and then their own keys, and that's exactly what we find whenever we kill them - a key once used to lock them.

And if you've been bamboozled by all of this, that was exactly the developers' goal, to make you think about it and its purpose in the game's world, not necessary to give it some concrete use.


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