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Lost Ark Rovlen Location - Where to find

Where to find Rovlen, the third world boss of Lost Ark, is something that is not perfectly explained in the game. This guide will pinpoint for you the exact location where to find Rovlen in Lost Ark.
Lost Ark Rovlen Location - Where to find

The world of Lost Ark, Arkesia, is divided into seven massive continents with distinctive features and biomes, where players will unravel numerous secrets and fight all kinds of enemies and bosses.

To serve as an in-game codex for these truly gigantic regions, Lost Ark has the Adventurer's Tome, where you will be able to inform yourself about all the little gameplay details you need to know about these regions, such as available dungeons, collectables, cooking options, quest and story progress, and so on.

This is also where you will learn about each continent's world boss. And for the region of West Luterra, the third continent you'll visit, the world boss you'll have to fight is Rovlen.

Some players are having a hard time finding Rovlen's location in Lost Ark, and that's why we are writing this guide - to help you!

Where to find Rovlen location in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark Rovlen Location - Where to find
Pushed by the endless need to feast, Rovlen mindlessly roam the Bilbrin Forest area. (Picture: Amazon)

Stories with the Moon and flowers are usually the romantic ones, but not this time around.

Rovlen is a monstrous carnivorous plant that came into existence after the Moon fragments have discharged their chaotic energy across the land, following the Chain War, which has resulted in the Moon being blasted into pieces.

Now Rovlen roams around the land, urged by his endless hunger which it can never satisfy. And it has developed a particular taste for human meat, so be careful!

Now, with regard to where to find him, Rovlen is stationed in the Bilbrin Forest area of West Luterra. You can find the nightmare plant in the south part of the map. We've marked the exact location on the image below.

Lost Ark Rovlen Location - Where to find
Here's the exact location where to find Rovlen in Lost Ark. (Picture: Amazon)

As with all other world bosses, we are strongly advising against going solo to clash with Rovlen, as he is immensely powerful and you are more than likely not of a proper level and without proper gear to tackle him alone.

Instead, we advise you to create a party and make proper preparations before dealing with him. Rovlen will spit poisonous attacks all around itself, will attack you with long roots from a distance, and will summon innumerous tendrils which act as individual units you need to beat before going back to fight the boss. On top of that, Rovlen will wrap itself into a shield from time to time, which not only prevents damage but also heals Rovlen up a bit.

And that's all you need to know about how to find Rovlen's location in Lost Ark. Good luck and have fun!


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.