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Lost Ark Sol Grande boss guide – How to beat, location and rewards

Venture out to the apocalyptic wasteland of Alteisen Island to locate the Sol Grande World Boss and earn the elusive Island Token in Lost Ark.
Lost Ark Sol Grande boss guide – How to beat, location and rewards

Lost Ark's world of Arkesia features islands of all sizes and climates that players can discover through exploration, whether it be sailing or using the World Map. Completing the quests and challenges, including the Island Boss, can be rewarding for players as it can earn you lucrative loot, including the Island Token.

The Sol Grande World Boss is one of the Island Bosses you can seek out, which will grant an Island Token once defeated. This guide explains where to find the Sol Grande World Boss and how to beat it in Lost Ark.

How to find the Sol Grande World Boss in Lost Ark?

The Sol Grande World Boss spawns on Alteisen Island, located in the Sandstorm Seas south of the Arthetine continent. This island features apocalyptic-like landscapes with plenty of sand, deserted areas, and scarp metal littering the island.

lost ark island boss guide sol grande alteisen island map location world map
Alteisen Island is located south of the Arthetine continent, where the Sol Grande boss can be found. (Picture: YouTube / RaZzi)

This island is available for players to access at any time of day as there is an Island Token to claim. To set a marker for the island, open up the World Map and locate Alteisen Island to set a course for the island.

How to beat the Sol Grande World Boss in Lost Ark?

Before arriving on the island's shores, it's worth noting that you are required to have an Item Level of 1040 along with a Combat Level of 50. This guarantees that your attacks land on the World Boss and deplete its HP; however, the Sol Grande boss won't spawn immediately, so checking Procyon's Compass will inform you when it will appear.

lost ark island boss guide sol grande attacks predictable dodge block
The Sol Grande boss' attacks are quite easy to predict; however, there are deadly they hit. (Picture: YouTube / RaZzi)

Once arriving at Alteisen Island, head to the island's center and wait a few minutes before the Sol Grande World Boss appears. This boss fight doesn't require much strategy as its moveset is relatively predictable to counter.

You can easily block and dodge its attacks; however, once you get hit by them, it deals massive damage, which any healing elixirs should keep in the fight. Its charged attack will launch itself toward any players within its path, highlighted by a red rectangle, to deal damage.

lost ark island boss guide sol grande charged attacks red rectangle highlight
Keep a lookout for its charged attack, in which a red rectangle appears before the attack happens. (Picture: YouTube / RaZzi)

The Sol Grande boss also has a few bombs and missiles to deal with AoE damage and a powerful earth-shattering slam that explodes the area once it slams the ground with its hands. It can also launch a tornado-like attack that pulls you in after it spins around continuously in a T-formation which can decrease your health if you're caught in it.

You can quickly damage the boss by avoiding these attacks to bring its health down. Once it has been defeated, there are rewards you can collect, including cards, runes, and, importantly, the Island Token.

Lost Ark Sol Grande World Boss - Drop rewards

lost ark island boss guide sol grande defeat loot rewards island token rng drop
There are plenty of rewards to collect once the Sol Grande World Boss is defeated. (Picture: YouTube / RaZzi)

Defeating the Sol Grande World Boss will reward you with loot you can collect. While you can complete the island's quests to earn gear honing materials, currency and chests; however, the boss can drop the Island Token, an RNG drop.

If you don't receive the Island Token on your first try, you'll have to check Procyin's Compass for spawning times before returning to Alteisen Island. If you receive an Island Token, visit Opher on The Lonely Island, southwest of Arthetine, to exchange it for exclusive rewards.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / RaZzi.