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Lost Ark 2022 player count (May 2022) - How many players?

Wondering how many players Lost Ark currently has? We've got you covered with an up-to-date player count.
Lost Ark 2022 player count (May 2022) - How many players?

After Lost Ark's global release the game has reached some new heights in terms of popularity and how well it has been received by general audiences. The game features some of the most epic combat, quests and character classes leaving little to wonder when it comes to its rise in popularity. 

Today we will look at some of the numbers surrounding the player base of Lost Ark, and more specifically, how many players are joining in on the adventures Arkesia has in store for them up until May 2022.

How many players does Lost Ark have in May 2022?

Lost Ark doesn't have an official player counter (yet), but from the information released by Amazon and Smilegate, it's been confirmed that the game surpassed 20 million global players as of 8th March.

This number comes directly after the Western release when the game reached its highest concurrent players of 1,324,761 players worldwide. The second highest in Steam history. 

How many players in Lost Ark 2022 currently 20 million players worldwide
Amazon Games and Smilegate have announced there are over 20 million Lost Ark players worldwide. (Picture: Smilegate)

After this, the monthly player base was knocked down quite a bit for the month of April, with only 650,809 monthly players, but then a slow rise in the month of May, as the last 30 days measure around 730,211 monthly players.

A steady increase from its April numbers and we expect the numbers to keep rising as time goes on and the game improves. For right now, you can expect roughly 700,000 players to be wandering the lands of Arkesia at any given point, and this might be a conservative estimate.  

Number of players in Lost Ark May 2022 number will increase with release of new content and roadmap
The content roadmap for April and May promises new content that hopes to bring new players to Lost Ark in May 2022. (Picture: Smilegate)

We definitely expect the numbers to increase as time goes on, and with Lost Ark's Roadmap for the month of April and May, it definitely seems like the best time to get on board the Lost Arc train. As the game will feature a new continent to explore, two new classes to try out and new Raid Bosses to defeat.

So there is definitely some incentive to get the player count up for the month of May from the developers at Smilegate, and we're definitely excited to see what they've got in store for us. 

As time goes on we will be updating you all on the latest statistics surrounding the Lost Ark player base and the general meta surrounding the game. But for now, we highly recommend you join your 20 million fellow adventurers as you conquer the world of Arkesia. 


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Featured image courtesy of Smilegate.