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Lost Ark Wili-Wili Location - Where to find

The Wili-Wili location in Lost Ark is where you will find the 4th world boss in the popular Korean MMORPG. Here's how to find Wili-Wili in Lost Ark.
Lost Ark Wili-Wili Location - Where to find

It seems that world bosses in Lost Ark are sneaky not-so-little monsters, as almost every single one of them is not particularly easy to find.

The world bosses of Arkesia are the main enemies in each of the several unique regions of this fantasy world. You can learn about their backstories by visiting the Adventurer's Tome, then opening a page of a continent and reading that continent's boss entry.

The fourth continent of Arkesia is called East Luterra, located in the central-south part of the world map. It's the eastern-most part of the same landmass where Rethramis, Yudia, and West Luterra are located.

And the Wili-Wili boss is a world boss of this region, but just like with previous bosses, players are not sure where to find him.

Where to find Wili-Wili's location in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark Wili-Wili Location - Where to find
Wili-Wili is located in the Sunny Sunbright Hill Area of East Luterra. (Picture: Amazon via WoW Quests)

We've already established that Wili-Wili is a world boss of the East Luterra region.

The East Luterra region is known for its fertile soil and rich agriculture, but unfortunately, those were also the reasons for countless wars which were led in an effort to establish control over this important piece of land.

The many wars fought here attracted numerous evil spirits which have possessed both living and non-living things, but none are as unthinkably horrendous as Wili-Wili. 

Wili-Wili is a dreadful monstrosity that has emerged from the vengeful spirits of fallen soldiers, becoming what is described as a "giant cluster of revenge".

In order to find Wili-Wili, you'll need to visit the Sunny Sunbright Hill zone in the East Luterra continent.

Lost Ark Wili-Wili Location - Where to find
Find Wili-Wili in the northernmost prong of the Sunny Sunbright Hill area in Lost Ark. (Picture: Amazon via WoW Quests)

Here, among the region's famous pumpkin fields, is where Wili-Wili lurks. You'll find it in the northernmost prong of the map, in an open meadow full of sunflowers. It should be noted that it spawns every 30 minutes, so if you don't find Wili-Wili immediately, wait a bit.

Wili-Wili wields a huge scythe, has a devastating spinning attack, and another ground-based AoE attack with his scythe.

As always, just like with all other world bosses, we strongly recommend not to face Wili-Wili alone, as the world bosses are not designed for solo encounters, rather they are balanced for parties to take on them.


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