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Madden 22
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All players with Superstar X-Factors in Madden 22

Even though this is a team sport you can always rely on the brightest NFL stars to help you navigate through troublesome waters with superstar X-Factors.
The quarterback is the most important position on the football field, that is why the top dogs earn approximately $27 million per season, or $45 million if your last name is Mahomes.

EA also knows that and it shows through the Madden franchise as they always are the determining factor for a win, whether is the valiant touchdown pass or the heart-crushing interception.

As for now, we already have some of the superstar X-Factors that will be active in Madden 22 it is now time for you to know who will be carrying this honour.

NFL players with superstar X-Factors

Madden 22 Patrick Mahomes Bazooka Superstar X-Factor
Patrick Mahomes will use his powerful arm to beat coverages in Madden 22. (Picture: EA Sports)

So it’s clear, as we already talked about it, the importance of the QB and it makes sense for the X-Factors to start with them.

So you already know that if you are in a tough spot in a game you can count on the following players to bail you out of problems:

  • QB Patrick Mahomes - KC - Bazooka X-Factor: Increase maximum throwing distance.
  • QB Russell Wilson - SEA - Blitz Radar X-Factor: Identify blitzers.
  • QB Aaron Rodgers - GB - Gambler X-Factor: Can’t be intercepted by AI.
  • QB Tom Brady - TB - Pro Reads X-Factor: Highlights open receiver.
  • QB Lamar Jackson - BAL - Truzz X-Factor: Can’t fumble the ball.

Stay tuned to this article as we will be updating it as more X-Factors are revealed and players are designated to them.

Also, make sure to give a look at our dedicated section as we will bring you everything you need to know about every Madden release, news, MUT tips and more.