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How to call an audible in Madden 22

Changing a play call in Madden 22 doesn’t have to be a challenging task.
How to call an audible in Madden 22

The audible is one of the oldest mechanics in Madden and football itself. 

Basically, an audible is when the offence or defence changes the play call that was originally set when in the huddle. For an offence, an audible can happen when the quarterback, you, sees how the defence is lined up. If you think another play would work better, you call an audible to that specific play. 

For a defence, the same is true but reversed. If you see that the offence is going to run the ball but you’re set up in a passing defence, then you can audible to a formation that defends against the run. No matter the situation, players in Madden 22 need to know how to audible, just like they need to know to quarterback slide or do a spin move

This Madden 22 guide will show players exactly how they can call an audible. 

Calling an audible in Madden 22

Madden 22 how to audible
QBs are the ones who call an audible on offence. (Picture: EA)

The first step to calling an audible is picking a play during the huddle. Whether you’re on offence or defence, you need to actually pick a play before you can call an audible. 

Then, once you see that your play needs to be changed, you can call your changed play. To do this, press 'Square' on PlayStation or 'X' on Xbox. This will bring up a set number of audible plays for you to change your formation to. The audibles ultimately depend on what specific play you chose out of the huddle. 

For example, if you chose an offensive formation with three wide receivers, you can’t switch to a play with two wide receivers and three tight ends. The audible will be based on the current players and the formation you have on the field at that time. 

However, if you want to change your formation slightly with the audible, you need to scroll through the plays that are brought up after you hit 'Square/X'. This will allow you to change your formation. Although, you will still have the same players on the field, so the actual personnel won’t change. 

Calling specific audibles in Madden 22

Madden 22 calling audibles
Calling audibles can singlehandedly change the outcome of a play. (Picture: EA)

The other audible a play can call in Madden 22 is for an individual player. These plays are known as hot routes on offence and coverage on defence. If you press 'Triangle/Y', you can then change the route for a specific player on offence. You can scroll through various routes, allowing you to keep the same formation intact but have a receiver run a slant instead of a seam. 

Comparatively, you can change the way a single defender covers a play by pressing the same button. You can have a defender play man coverage instead of a zone. This is helpful if you want to control a single linebacker or cornerback. You can also have defenders move closer to a receiver or lineman shift to the left or right, depending on what you see with the offence. 

As you play more Madden 22, you’ll understand what audibles need to be called at what times. Playing Exhibition games helps with this learning process immensely. 


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