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Madden 22
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Madden 22: Extended early access for Xbox users after barrage of errors

Complaints from frustrated Xbox players obligated EA to come up with a hefty reward after a bitter experience.
Every modern game release comes with a known yet frustrating guarantee: It will likely have a boatload of bugs and glitches.

It's a situation that is perhaps more forgivable now as games are now being released to the wider public as beta builds or early access titles. One such title is Madden 22, which offered some players a 10-hour preview of the game, and like day turns to night, it had plenty of glitches.

One issue was a critical one though, as many Xbox players had issues with the Madden 22 trial as the timer kept going regardless of the player using the game or not, and EA has now stepped in to right the wrong.

EA has modified the duration of the early access for Xbox users

Madden 22 Ultimate Team Ingame
If you are an Xbox player you will enjoy unlimited access to Madden 22 until August 18th. (Picture: EA Sports)

For the Microsoft team, if you had either EA Play by itself or as part of the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass bundle you were supposed to have a 10-hour trial for Madden 22 starting back on 12th August.

Many players, including myself, had issues even accessing the trial, yet the most reported error was with the time played as the users claimed that the allocated ten hours were being diminished without even playing the trial.

The developers and Madden´s social media declared knowledge of the issue and collaborated to find a solution for the community.

Earlier today, they announced that all Xbox players with this issue will have unlimited access to Madden 22 until 4:59 am BST, 18th August.


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