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Madden 22 Face of the Franchise: Road to the Draft and Class Progression System headline new features

A new trailer announces the brand new features to create the most realistic POV player experience of the franchise to date.
Madden 22 Face of the Franchise: Road to the Draft and Class Progression System headline new features

News keep rolling our way, which can only mean one thing: the release date for the new Madden is getting closer.

For us, as the continuous release of content through trailers, their All-access section on their website or the Gridiron Notes blog keep landing on our hands we will bring you the latest so you can enjoy this football experience to the fullest.

Today, we got a hint of the newest features of their Face of the franchise game mode and we are very excited to tell you all about it.

Face of the Franchise newest features

If you have not played this entertaining game mode let me give you a brief summary of what happens.

Essentially, it is a POV experience as you create and control a single player and live through the stages and obstacles to get to the National Football League.

Madden 22 all-access(Picture: EA Sports)

You are not only going to play games, but it takes you to interact with different characters, coaches, friends and family that will shape the way you enter and perform in the NFL.

In Madden 22 we will enjoy big changes to two of the main features: The Road to the Draft Prologue and Player Game Style.

United We Rise: Road to the Draft

Madden 22 all access(Picture: EA Sports)

Face of the Franchise debuted back in Madden 20 as a revamped version of the successful Longshot series, which introduced us to a story beyond the field.

This year we are going to get a brand new tale with brand new challenges along your way to get to the league.

You will have the opportunity to live a college experience, train in the Nike headquarters, schedule a private workout with an NFL team and have a direct effect on your draft stock that will change where you’ll end up for your rookie season.

Player Game Style: Class Progression System

All-access class progression(Picture: EA Sports)

One of the biggest community complaints about the limitation on the playing style of your character.

You were either a pure pocket-passer or a running back turned quarterback with no in-betweens.

This year you will be able to select a class that will determine the ability slots available for your player, opening unexplored possibilities to shape your playing style as much as you want.

Madden 22 the general(Picture: EA Sports)

You can start by selecting your class to be a field general like Tom Brady or a magician like Patrick Mahomes, and then shape your game around that main idea.

But, if commanding an offence isn’t your thing we also have good news, as you will be able to select a different position for your adventure such as a halfback or a wide receiver, or, for the first time ever, become a masterful linebacker.

Whatever your path is we are excited to come along as we will follow closely everything EA has to offer us to guide you on this fun story.

Be on the lookout because we will bring you the latest on Madden 22 and Madden Ultimate Team, from every release, news, MUT tips, and more.