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Madden 22
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Madden 22 Franchise Mode: Best U25 defensive players

People say that offences win games and defences wins championships and this group of youngster appear to be that kind of difference-makers.
The road towards the Lombardi has several different paths, and the release of Madden 22 will help us adventure ourselves in them in order to get our hands on that trophy.

Although most people lean towards the offensive side of the ball and we already helped you with the best young stars on that end, we will also like to share the blossoming defenders of the NFL.

If your plan is to asphyxiate your opponent’s attackers you will create the best chance for you if you pick up these players during your franchise campaign.

Franchise Mode U25 All-Madden Team: Defense

Madden 22 Quinnen Williams
The sophomore defensive lineman will battle in the trenches for your offence to get the ball back. (Picture: EA Sports)

The best way to win long term is to create a team that mixes both youth and talent, a thing that the following players know and possess:

Defensive tackles

Da´Ron Payne - 24 years old - 87 Overall

Quinnen Williams - 23 years old - 86 Overall

The football gurus know very well that the trenches host one of the most important battles in the gridiron as is right there where every play starts. 

Both youngsters have proved that the transition from college to the NFL can be as smooth as a baby and their ratings reflect that.

Defensive ends

Nick Bosa - 23 years old - 90 Overall

Brian Burns - 23 years old - 87 Overall

If you were worried that the defensive lineman could not get better you were mistaken. Nick Bosa and Brian Burns had terrified offensive linemen since they entered the league in 2019 and they haven’t even turned 24.

If you’re looking for another alternative the sophomore pass rusher, Chase Young, just missed the cut.

Madden 22 Rashan Gary
The quarterback-hunter will enter his third season with accumulated experience that could make him have a breakout year. (Picture: EA Sports)

Middle linebacker

Fred Warner - 24 years old - 94 Overall

The middle linebacker position has evolved to become the defensive leader of the team and Fred Warner definitely embodies that. 

This is probably the most competitive position battle among young cornerstones as other names pop up here like the Bears’ Roquan Smith or the reigning Super Bowl champion Devin White.

Outside linebackers

Rashan Gary - 23 years old - 81 Overall

Josh Allen - 24 years old - 82 Overall

Here the situation becomes a little more about breakout potential rather than certified quality as both players haven’t added the consistency needed to be considered one of the best. Hopefully, we enjoy a 2021 season where they or even other candidates like Colts’ Bobby Okereke enjoy a performance jump.

Madden 22 Denzel Ward
The Browns’ cornerback, albeit young, will enjoy his fourth season in the NFL and has flashed lockdown qualities in the past. (Picture: EA Sports)


Jaire Alexander - 24 years old - 95 Overall

Denzel Ward - 24 years old - 89 Overall

From the most uncertain group, we turn into the most talented one and it probably has to do with experience as both players will enter their fourth campaign. 

The Packers’ lockdown corner and the Browns’ cover specialist will enjoy their respective teams Super Bowl window as playoff will once again be the goal and their ratings should evolve accordingly.


Jessie Bates III - 24 years old - 91 Overall

Chauncey Gardner-Johnson - 23 years old - 84 Overall

To close out a very talented defensive unit, the safeties will also bring a talented pair that also happen to complement each other very well.

The ball-hawk ability of Jessie Bates will work amazingly with the box-reading, hard hitter Gardner-Johnson, bringing your defence to the next level.

We will keep a close eye on the rating as they will be adjusted as the season progresses and these players perform on the field.

Also, make sure to give a look at our dedicated section as we will bring you everything you need to know about every Madden release, news, MUT tips and more.