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Madden 22
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Madden 22: Madden Ultimate Team Strategy Items

The strategy has adopted a new meaning as the newest items added to Madden Ultimate Team will bring the best out of your inner tactician.
We are already counting the days to get our hands on the newest release of the EA franchise, Madden 22.

Without a doubt, every year EA Sports just knows how to allure both our gamer and our athlete persona with the features and adjustments they make.

This year they created something great for Madden Ultimate Team as they simplified but deepened the strategy and how we use it to create an edge that leads us to victory.

Madden Ultimate Team Strategy Items

Madden 22 Madden Ultimate Team Strategy Items
New depth has been added to MUT as the strategy items will help the way we approach every game. (Picture: EA Sports)

This year the game plan has been revamped as they simplified the chemistry feature that accompanied the Ultimate Team game mode in the past.

Instead of setting the chemistry of each player individually, which is both tedious and expensive (Training Points), you will be able to add a Strategy Item that boosts different attributes.

We can use the Elite Passer Strategy Item as an example that will boost your quarterbacks’ short accuracy, mid accuracy, deep accuracy and play-action attributes.

Madden 22 Madden Ultimate Team Lineup
You can use up to two different strategies per side of the ball, which broadens your possibilities to catch your opponent off guard. (Picture: EA Sports)

Each item can also be upgraded to offer even more boost to the players attributes or affect other characteristics altogether.

You will be able to manage these items from the Strategy tab on the Lineup menu where you can have up to two different cards on each side of the ball.

This way you will be able to mix and match with different tactics to find your playing style and give you the best opportunity to lifting the virtual Lombardi.

Also, make sure to give a look at our dedicated section as we will bring you everything you need to know about every Madden release, news, MUT tips and more.