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Madden 22 Ultimate Team announces this year's Team Diamonds

EA Sports will honour each team’s legacy including an icon from each franchise to this year’s edition of the Team Diamonds program in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.
Madden 22 Ultimate Team announces this year's Team Diamonds

History in the NFL has been made of those players who have left a mark in the game, not necessarily those who have accumulated hardware over the years although we do have very few examples that have done both.

You can even create a bigger footprint by starting with your own franchise as part of the football unwritten code admires sportsmanship, leadership and loyalty within each team.

Madden 22 takes that and converts it into the newest program that arrives at Madden Ultimate Team with the debut of the Team Diamonds series.

Dan Marino will be the crown jewel of the Team Diamonds program

Madden 22 Team Diamonds Loading Screen
Team Diamonds will be within the umbrella of Team Affinity so you can exchange and improve your items. (Picture: EA Sports)

Different to other series in this game mode, the Team Diamonds will mainly be acquired through the exchange sets under the Team Affinity menu.

Each NFL franchise will have its own Team Diamond edition player plus if you were to complete all of the teams you can trade in each team’s collectable toke for this year’s Team Diamonds Champion: QB Dan Marino.

Here you have the full list of Team Diamonds players available:

  • 90 OVR DT Tommie Harris - Chicago Bears
  • 90 OVR WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh - Cincinnati Bengals
  • 90 OVR HB Thurman Thomas - Buffalo Bills
  • 90 OVR LT Gary Zimmerman - Denver Broncos
  • 90 OVR WR Josh Cribbs - Cleveland Browns
  • 90 OVR CB Aqib Talib - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 90 OVR FS Larry Wilson - Arizona Cardinals
  • 90 OVR WR Charlie Joiner - Los Angeles Chargers
  • 90 OVR MLB Derrick Johnson - Kansas City Chiefs
  • 90 OVR MLB Gary Brackett - Indianapolis Colts
  • 90 OVR TE Billy Joe Dupree - Dallas Cowboys
  • 90 OVR HB Ricky Williams - Miami Dolphins
  • 90 OVR HB Duce Staley - Philadelphia Eagles
  • 90 OVR WR Andre Rison - Atlanta Falcons
  • 90 OVR LOLB Charles Haley - San Francisco 49ers
  • 90 OVR QB Phil Simms - New York Giants
  • 90 OVR LE Tony Brackens - Jacksonville Jaguars
  • 90 OVR CB Aaron Glenn - New York Jets
  • 90 OVR LT Lomas Brown - Detroit Lions
  • 90 OVR HB Ahman Green - Green Bay Packers
  • 90 OVR RE Mike Rucker - Carolina Panthers
  • 90 OVR HB Kevin Faulk - New England Patriots
  • 90 OVR SS Jack Tatum - Las Vegas Raiders
  • 90 OVR LE Chris Long - Los Angeles Rams
  • 90 OVR DT Haloti Ngata Baltimore Ravens
  • 90 OVR WR Marques Colston - New Orleans Saints
  • 90 OVR MLB Brian Bosworth - Seattle Seahawks
  • 90 OVR LG Alan Faneca - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 90 OVR SS Bernard Pollard - Houston Texans
  • 90 OVR TE Frank Wycheck - Tennessee Titans
  • 90 OVR WR Ahmad Rashad - Minnesota Vikings
  • 90 OVR ROLB Brian Orakpo - Washington Football Team
Madden 22 Team Diamonds Collectibles
Each team has a unique set of collectables needed to redeem their themed player items. (Picture: EA Sports)

To obtain any of those players you will have to trade in 25 items of the selected franchise and you will receive that franchise’s Team Diamond player, its corresponding Power Up player item and a Team Diamond collectable from that franchise.

After you collect all 32 franchises you could redeem your 95 OVR QB Dan Marino with the Miami Dolphins chemistry.

You probably will be able to find those items at the auction house but we assure you that they will go for a fortune although if MT coins aren’t a problem for you that could be an alternative.


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Featured image courtesy of  EA Sports