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Madden 22
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Madden 22 Ultimate Team: Ultimate Seasons

A new way to earn rewards will maintain a vivid experience for players as they build their foundations with amazing rewards in Madden Ultimate Team.
It is always a fun and exhilarating experience to start from the ground up your MUT lineup after a year of opening packs, completing missions and building your unmatchable roster and then transitioning into a new game.

Madden 22 will be no different offering the player the possibility to create a fantasy team with the best players that the NFL has to offer.

This year we will also enjoy a brand new way to acquire bounties as Ultimate Season makes its debut in the game offering players seasonal rewards.

Ultimate Season will bring a fresher way to earn rewards

Madden 22 Ingame
Through daily, weekly and season objectives you will be able to earn amazing rewards every season. (Picture: EA Sports)

EA Sports has observed and listened to their community as they understood that some of the devoted gamers ended up finishing all of the game mode objectives within the first couple of months leaving them dry for the rest of the journey.

This obviously creates a monotonic experience for the users as the sense of accomplishment becomes harder and harder to achieve.

Ultimate Season will definitely change that as they will adopt a reward system that has been an utter success in other franchises like Rocket League or Warzone where the seasonal structure offers a fresh start every set time.

Each season projects to have rewards on each level like player items, strategy items, MUT coins or packs.

Hopefully, this will maintain the players enjoying this game mode longer as they will find new challenges and new rewards for them to battle for.

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