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Madden 22 Ultimate Team Veterans II: items, challenges, rewards, more.

Although the youngsters will always be electrifying to watch on the field, Madden 22 recognizes those Veterans who show how it’s done every single game.
Madden 22 Ultimate Team Veterans II: items, challenges, rewards, more.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team has really buffed up their catalogue as more and more items arrive every week with different programs like Legends, Superstars, and Gridiron Guardians joining the base versions.

The Wildcard Wednesdays have become a day with great anticipation as it has included some great program in this first season, although is yet to be seen how often they will change.

Today we receive the second coming of the Veterans program and we will tell you everything you need to know in order to recruit some of those seasoned players to your starting lineup.

More seasoned players arrive at MUT 22 as Veterans II is now live

Madden 22 Veterans Items
Adding an experienced player to your roster will never be a bad idea to improve at MUT. (Picture: EA Sports)

To start off, here is the list of player items that were released today into Madden Ultimate Team under the Veterans program:

  • 91 OVR CB Jason McCourty - Miami Dolphins
  • 90 OVR ROLB Robert Quinn - Chicago Bears
  • 90 OVR HB Cordarrelle Patterson - Atlanta Falcons
  • 90 OVR QB Ryan Fitzpatrick - Washington Football Team
  • 90 OVR TE Jared Cook - Los Angeles Chargers

You can find those players through pack opening from different editions or directly from the Auction House, although you may have to make it rain as the cheapest item from this release is going for at least 150,000 MUT coins.

Madden 22 Veterans II Challenges
Keep completing the Wildcard Wednesday challenges as next week you will get an amazing reward. (Picture: EA Sports)

If your squad is mostly complete and you are looking at a particular player to fill a spot my best advice would be to complete the Wildcard Wednesday challenges every week.

There are five 1-star challenges, one for each player added to the program and completing them will grant you a Power Up fantasy pack of those players.

If you have gotten all five stars every single week you will be able to get a fantasy pack that will give you the option to “draft” any player from the previous four releases (Flashbacks, Heavyweights, Veterans and Rising Stars) to complement your roster as you wish without breaking the bank.


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Featured image courtesy of  EA Sports