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Madden 22 Week 1 ratings update: Who's up? Who's down?

Week 1 of the NFL is now in the rearview mirror, yet it had an impact on the virtual realm of Madden 22 as the ratings adjusters officialised changes on certain players.
Madden 22 Week 1 ratings update: Who's up? Who's down?

It is amazing how the NFL season takes too long to arrive yet it goes by incredibly quick as we already experience the first week full of heart-racing games, intense battles and of course a bunch of unforgettable, individual performances.

This affects a player not only in the real world but also in the Madden Universe as EA Sports designated Ratings Adjustment Officials like Chad Ochocinco to evaluate and “fix” players’ ratings according to individual performances.

They, of course, took a deep dive into the Week 1 matches and officialized some alterations of the base ratings for some players.

Chandler Jones lead those who increased their overall rating 

Madden 22 Rating Adjustment Chandler Jones
The Cardinals’ pass rusher had a historic performance in Week 1 and EA took notice. (Picture: EA Sports)

The first week of NFL games left us with such individual performances that could definitely work as a foreshadow of what’s ahead of us this season. EA spotlighted the following performances with an augmented overall rating:

Chandler Jones - Arizona Cardinals: His five sack performance on week 1 was already historic as the third-best sack count on a season opener, earning him an increase from a 94 to a 95 overall rating.

Jameis Winston - New Orleans Saints: Five touchdowns without an interception sound like a dream debut for any quarterback in a new team and that earned Winston a two-point increase in his overall taking him up to 75.

Derwin James - Los Angeles Chargers: The Chargers’ swiss knife seemed to go back to his old self as he was all around the field against Washington, which improved his Madden rating up to 89 OVR (+1).

Aaron Rodgers had a disastrous debut on the 2021 NFL Season

Madden 22 Rating Adjustment Aaron Rodgers
Green Bay’s signal-caller had an odd outing in his season debut enough for him to lose a point in the overall rating. (Picture: EA Sports)

The other side of the coins also had a bunch of players whose performance on their first game of the season was an utter disappointment to the point that a correction of their rating was due:

Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers: The quarterback had a 32.8 passer rating, to put that into context if were to spike the ball on every play he would’ve gotten a 39.6 passer rating. That cost him to lose a step downgrading him to a 95 OVR.

Anthony Brown - Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys’ cornerback had a disastrous debut on Thursday as he was torched a lot. He allowed 9 receptions on 10 targets, 134 yards and a touchdown, all that cost him a minus-two in his Madden rating taking him to a 74 OVR.

Taylor Lewan - Tennessee Titans: The stellar tackle is often a brick wall when it comes to pass protection, but he had an inspired Chandler Jones (see above) in front of him which caused him to drop to points ending with an 83 overall rating.


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Feature image courtesy of  EA Sports