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Madden 22 Wildcard Wednesday Heavyweights III: New items, auction house listings, free PUP, more.

The big guys are not overlooked anymore as the Heavyweights program drops more items to bolster your trenches and leave the dirty, yet vital work to the human bulldozers in Madden 22.
Madden 22 Wildcard Wednesday Heavyweights III: New items, auction house listings, free PUP, more.

Enjoying the NFL experience both in real life and virtually is amazing as it is a cycle of trying to replicate those passes, runs and tackles we see every game into the Madden 22 universe.

Even though most of the Madden game modes are fun we are still highly immersed in Madden Ultimate Team as the programs and players keep being added we can fine-tune our squad to get more wins.

The latest program to be updated is the Heavyweights series with its third release as part of the Wildcard Wednesdays event and we will tell you everything you need to know.

Al Woods and Maliek Collins pancake their way into the Heavyweights program in MUT

Madden 22 Heavyweights III items
Alex Singleton becomes the first non-lineman to make the Heavyweights program. (Picture: EA Sports)

Although we only got five brand new players, EA Sports did not spare on quality, so we will enjoy more firepower in the trenches as those positions definitely change the quality of our team because that is where every play and snap begins.

Now, we even welcome the first non-lineman player to make the series as the middle linebacker Alex Singleton arrives bringing hammer-like tackles to our defence.

Those players included in this third release are listed as follow:

  • 92 OVR DT Al Woods - Seattle Seahawks
  • 91 OVR RG Netane Muti - Denver Broncos
  • 91 OVR RT Rob Havenstein - Los Angeles Rams
  • 91 OVR DT Maliek Collins - Houston Texans
  • 91 OVR MLB Alex Singleton - Philadelphia Eagles
Madden 22 Heavyweights III Challenges
Complete each week’s Wildcard Wednesday challenges and get a themed Power Up item of your choice. (Picture: EA Sports)

If you want to get any of these players in the Auction House we would recommend you to wait as they are going for at least 150,000 MUT coins with Al Woods going for over 250K.

In our experience, there is not a particular player in this release that is worth that kind of investment but they are something to look for every four weeks when we receive our Fantasy pack for completing every Wildcard Wednesday Solo challenge.

Remember that every week you have to complete a solo challenge for each player earning 5 stars in the process if you gather all 20 stars after four weeks you will receive that Fantasy pack that I personally converted into Heavyweight Ryan Kelly a couple of weeks ago.


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Featured image courtesy of EA Sports.