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Madden 22
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Ultimate Kickoff House Rules comes back to Madden 22 with Tug-of-War

Battle on quick, conditioned matches against other players in order to get some amazing rewards including items from the Ultimate Kickoff program.
It's been a month since the release of Madden 22 and it has definitely been a rollercoaster of a trip, but it seems that the developers are finally getting the game in a more playable state.

The shenanigans from the first weeks are starting to get patched and players are finally enjoying the game that they expected with the release back in August.

Despite all that, EA has not lost focus on bringing more and better content as a fan favourite makes a comeback to Madden Ultimate Team: Ultimate Kickoff House Rules.

The fan acclaimed event House Rules comes back to Madden 22

Madden 22 Tug of War Seasons Menu
MUT Seasons has brought an old acquaintance as Ultimate Kickoff House Rules makes a comeback. (Picture: EA Sports)

First things first, and this is only protocol, make sure to have already downloaded the latest roster update as some players’ ratings were changed based on last weeks NFL results.

Once you put that out of the way it is time to enter the newest challenge of Madden Ultimate Team: Tug-of-War.

This is a thematic event that is under the Ultimate Kickoff umbrella and offers quick matches against other online players under a specific set of rules. 

Madden 22 Tug of War Event Leaderboard
Focus solely on yourself to get as many wins as you can in order to get an Ultimate Kickoff item. (Picture: EA Sports)

At this time, it is a ten offensive play match that starts on the 50-yard line. Wherever that play ends up the other player will start their offence.

After 10 plays whoever is closest to the opposing player’s endzone will be declared the winner of the match. A touchdown in any scenario ends the game automatically.

The rewards are earned based on the number of wins of each player and can be redeemed according to the following list:

5 Wins: 76+ Ultimate Kickoff Gold or better player

10 Wins: 5,000 MUT coins

15 Wins: 76+ Ultimate Kickoff Gold or better player

20 Wins: 5,000 MUT coins

25 Wins: 88 OVR NCAT Ultimate Kickoff Hero Fantasy Pack

30 Wins: 76+ Ultimate Kickoff Gold or better player

35 Wins: 5,000 MUT coins

40 Wins: 2x 76+ Ultimate Kickoff Gold or better players

45 Wins: 10,000 MUT coins

50 Wins: 82+ Ultimate Kickoff Elite player


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Feature image courtesy of  EA Sports