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Veterans item series arrives at Madden 22 Ultimate Team

The seasoned NFL players will not shy away from a new challenge as they arrive at the Madden 22 Ultimate Team universe with the Veterans program.
Veterans item series arrives at Madden 22 Ultimate Team

The NFL rookies have always tended to have a lot of attention as a new season rolls around, maybe it’s the excitement that among them you will find the next first-ballot Hall of Famer or it’s just the longing search for something new.

Nonetheless, there are more players who have constantly and effectively performed throughout the years and haven´t necessarily gotten the reflectors they have definitely earned.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team has now a live inventory of the new Veterans program that includes some of these constantly snubbed NFL vets that will come in and improve your lineup just like that.

NFL active Veterans arrive with their own program at Madden Ultimate Team

Madden 22 Veterans Loading Screen
The active old guard of the NFL arrives at MUT with the first release of the Veterans program. (Picture: EA Sports)

As the days go by we are starting the get a full slate of great MUT items that are constantly breaking the rating ceiling of our squad, which is always a good thing.

The latest program to debut on the fan favourite game mode is the Veterans that brings with it five seasoned NFL players that you could add to your squad:

  • 89 OVR TE Jimmy Graham - Saints, Seahawks, Packers, Bears
  • 88 OVR CB Joe Haden - Browns, Steelers
  • 88 OVR WR Sammy Watkins - Bills, Rams, Chiefs, Ravens
  • 88 OVR LOLB Jamie Collins - Patriots, Browns, Lions
  • 88 OVR FS D.J. Swearinger Sr - Texans, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Washington, Raiders, Saints
Madden 22 Veterans Challenge
Complete this week’s Veterans challenges in order to get a Power Up version of the players in the program as a reward. (Picture: EA Sports)

You can get these players through pack opening or by snatching them at the auction house, just be conscious that you may have to break the bank a little bit in order to win the bid.

If you want to test a fragment of the items full power you could also complete the Veterans challenges and earn a fantasy pack where you can select one of the five current members of the program in their Power Up item version.

If you aren´t really interested in the program our best advice will be to complete the challenges and get 76 OVR Power Up Sammy Watkins as you would get over 10,000 MUT coins at the auction house without doing that much.


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