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Madden 24 Crossplay Beta Coming for Franchise Mode

While already available in other modes, Madden 24 crossplay has a new beta coming for Franchise Mode.
Madden 24 Crossplay Beta Coming for Franchise Mode
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With an annual release cycle there's always something under development to push the game forward, and a Madden 24 crossplay beta specific to Franchise Mode is on the way to do just that. Players already have access to crossplay in other game modes, but one coveted selection appears to be ready for an upgrade.

If you want to participate, we'll keep this updated with all the details about the Madden 24 Franchise Mode crossplay beta. We've also got details below on how exactly Madden 24 crossplay works between platforms.

Madden 24 Franchise Mode Crossplay Beta Announced

Madden 24 Franchise Mode Crossplay Beta

While the Madden 24 beta and most of the ones in recent years tend to arrive in July ahead of the game's release date, they're doing something different as preparations are made to implement crossplay for Franchise Mode. For some players, likely those who have connected online franchise saves, there's a new pop-up message on Madden 24 as shown above.

No date was provided, but with it being "almost here" it feels likely to have more details released in the next few weeks. Madden 24 Season 3 has just gone live, and the Harvest program is due to hit Ultimate Team tomorrow. This beta will likely be exclusive to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S as crossplay is already gated to those platforms.

It's not clear at this point of invites will be required as the game is already live. In the past, each mid-year Madden beta required an independent download of a beta build for your console. We'll keep this updated if any news breaks, but you can also keep an eye on the Madden NFL Direct account on Twitter.

How does Madden 24 crossplay work?

Madden 24 does have crossplay, but it comes with some limitations. Crossplay is only available for players on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. That means that PS4 and Xbox One players do not have crossplay.

Crossplay is already enabled by default, but you can turn it off if you prefer not to have Madden 24 crossplay active. On Xbox Series X|S, you need to go into the system settings, but you can turn off crossplay on PC and PS5 from the in-game Madden 24 settings menu.

As of now, crossplay is only supported in online Head-To-Head, Madden Ultimate Team, Superstar KO, and Superstar Showdown. However, the upcoming Franchise beta makes that a likely edition later this year or in Madden 25 The Redux.

You also have access to cross-platform progression in Madden 24 for avatar progression and gear purchases within Superstar Mode, which are shared between PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S only. Leaderboards are global and cross-platform unless you opt out, in which case you will see platform-specific leaderboards.