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Jared Goff Madden 24 Rating

Coming into year three for the Detroit Lions, the Jared Goff Madden 24 rating is finally starting to look like the star some saw with the Los Angeles Rams.
Jared Goff Madden 24 Rating

After spending several seasons with the Los Angeles Rams, it's year three leading the Detroit Lions and the Jared Goff Madden 24 rating seems to fully understand his journeyman status. While there's plenty of room to grow, Jared Goff is not relegated to the lowest echelon in the league by any means.

Here, we'll break down the Jared Goff Madden 24 rating including where his strengths lie compared to top quarterbacks across the league. On top of that, we'll outline some of the Madden 24 ratings some of his Detroit Lions weapons are boasting.

Jared Goff Madden 24 Rating

Jared Goff Madden 24 Rating

With a winning record to kick off the season, Jared Goff is nestling in nicely as year three with the Detroit Lions rolls on. While the Jared Goff Madden 24 rating isn't his best ever, the 28-year-old quarterback is looking like the best player we've seen since the heights of his days on the Rams.

After getting just a 72 OVR in Madden 23 (down from a 77 OVR in Madden 22 that marked his Lions debut), things are finally moving back in the direction of the 83 OVR rating he had in Madden 19 and Madden 20 at the top of his Rams tenure. Following a small Week 1 boost, the Jared Goff Madden 24 rating puts him at an 81 OVR.

That small move in the first Madden 24 roster update actually caused Goff to leapfrog Geno Smith, who had previuosly been an 81 OVR and got dropped to an 80 OVR in the same ratings shift. Jared Goff is currently the 12th highest rated quarterback in Madden 24, narrowly missing the top 10 along with Trevor Lawrence who sits at an 83 OVR so far.

Top Detroit Lions Ratings in Madden 24

As important as offensive weapons are, the fact that the highest rated player on the Detroit Lions is 89 OVR center Frank Ragnow should be a comfort to Jared Goff. Just behind him, Amon-Ra St. Brown sits at an 87 OVR that narrowly puts him among the top 20 wide receivers in Madden 24.

There one gem on defense as well with safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson at an 85 OVR, and the Detroit Lions can at least rely on running back David Montgomery who got a respectable 82 OVR in the Madden 24 ratings. While most of the other Detroit Lions ratings in Madden 24 aren't anything particularly special, success this season will see that shift in each subsequent roster update.