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When will Madden 22 be on Xbox Game Pass?

When is Madden 22 coming to Xbox Game Pass? Find out when you can play Madden 22 for a fraction of its original cost.
When will Madden 22 be on Xbox Game Pass?

The reviews out of the gate for Madden 22 haven’t been the best. Some fans have refunded their copy while others are all-out boycotting EA Sports and calling for them to be removed from the development of Madden titles. 

However, despite all of the negativity, there are some fans who haven’t even got their chance to experience Madden 22 themselves. For one reason or another, some players have to wait until the game comes to a live subscription service, like Xbox Game Pass. This allows players to pay a monthly fee to have access to games instead of paying full price for them. And in Madden 22’s case, that’s probably the wisest move. 

Of course, this also means that these players don’t get to play the games as soon as they release, at least for some games.

So, for any fan wondering when they’ll get to experience Madden 22 with Game Pass, keep reading below.

Madden 22 Xbox Game Pass release date

When will Madden 22 be on Xbox Game Pass?
Madden 22 release was followed by negative reviews. (Picture: EA)

Madden 22 will be arriving on Xbox Game Pass courtesy of EA Play.

This is EA’s service that, amongst other things, allows fans to play their titles on Xbox Game Pass. Although, this does rely on EA Play being available for Game Pass users whenever Madden 22 releases for the service.

As of right now, the only timetable that EA has given for Madden 22’s release on Game Pass is 2022. This could mean anything but if we go by Madden 21, then fans can expect the newest title to launch sometime in March of 2022. 

This is when Madden 21 was released on Game Pass and EA Sports will presumably follow a similar timeline if all goes according to plans.

When will Madden 22 be on Xbox Game Pass?
Madden 22 is likely coming to Game Pass in 2022. (Picture: EA)

Game Pass has been expanding its library and EA titles are no exception. However, with how much backlash Madden 22 has received in its short life cycle, there’s no guarantee that it will end up on Xbox Game Pass if Microsoft feels it’s not viable. 

We’ll be sure to update you if any news arises in regards to Madden 22 and Game Pass. 

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