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Madden 24 Best QB Releases, Passing Style & Animations

Learn how QB releases work in Madden 24 and how you can set yourself up with the best passing animations.
Madden 24 Best QB Releases, Passing Style & Animations

If you wanna make sure you're throwing the ball as efficiently as possible, you need to understand how Madden 24 QB releases are going to impact each and every throw. Here, we'll break down exactly how Madden 24 QB releases work and explain where you can change them in every game mode.

Of course, knowing how to change it doesn't mean you know which one to go with. We've also got a look at the best passing animations and which Madden 24 QB releases and styles you should prioritize this year.

Madden 24 QB Releases & Animations Explained

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We've seen some variation over the years, and QB releases in Madden 24 are a little different than some players might be expecting. If you're looking for an easy way to set your Superstar Mode player up with a QB release like Traditional 4, it's not so simple.

Madden 24 Superstar Mode doesn't actually use the standard QB releases mechanic and selection, and you'll instead choose from a variety of passing styles. QB releases also play a part in Madden 24 Ultimate Team, which we'll cover more below, but they aren't even visible in-game.

In fact, the primary place you'll even be able to see and select Madden 24 QB releases is in Franchise Mode. If you create a Franchise Mode save, you have the option of setting your role as owner, coach, or player. If you make a Franchise Mode save as a quarterback, you can only then select Edit Player and find QB Style with a list of various QB releases.

Best Passing Style for your QB in Superstar Mode

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If you're using a quarterback in Madden 24 Superstar Mode, you'll once again run into some stumbling blocks trying to locate animations. If you're actually in the Superstar Mode: The League hub, you need to select Change Gear from the Player & Team tab.

If you're on the main menu, when you enter Superstar Mode before going into The League, move to the right and select the Edit My Superstar option. All of these are phrased as if you can only alter appearance, but this is where passing animations are stored.

Best QB Releases for MUT 24, Superstar Mode, and Franchise Mode

Now that you've got an idea of what you're working with and what kind of options there are by game mode, let's go over some of the best ones you can use. While some of this comes down to player preference, here are generally the fastest and best QB releases in Madden 24:

  • Traditional 1
  • Traditional 4
  • Slinger 5
  • Slinger 6

You can select any of these manually in Franchise Mode, but Superstar Mode instead lists things by player. Here are the best passing styles you can choose:

  • Lamar Jackson
  • Matt Stafford

Lastly, there's MUT 24 or Madden 24 Ultimate Team. This is where things get a bit messy, as there isn't even a way to check QB release types for MUT cards in Ultimate Team. You can compare attributes and stats, but releases are nowhere to be found.

However, QB releases are known and you can find them at on their detailed listing for any quarterback card. For example, Lamar Jackson has the coveted Traditional 4 release which can be seen at this link noted under his Player Traits.

Similarly, listings for a Matthew Stafford card in MUT 24 confirm that he's got Slinger 6 set as his QB release. Before you invest in a major quarterback via the Auction House, it's a good idea to check to confirm if the card you're getting will have one of these elite QB release animations.