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Fans Force Madden 24 Ratings Boost for CJ Stroud

Fans calling the Madden Ratings Hotline have earned CJ Stroud a boost in the Madden 24 Roster Update.
Fans Force Madden 24 Ratings Boost for CJ Stroud
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Following one of the most impressive games of any young rookie's career, Houston Texans fans have spoken their truth loud enough for EA to take notice in the next Madden 24 roster update. Sensational franchise quarterback CJ Stroud lit things up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and his Madden 24 ratings are now due to rise.

While there are always changes in the weekly Madden 24 roster update, this is a unique situation where fans directly influenced the decision. We'll break down some of the Madden 24 ratings Stroud will see rise and how you can get your favorite player the same bonus.

Fans Demand CJ Stroud Ratings Boost in Madden 24 Roster Update

CJ Stroud Madden 24 Rating

There have been several standout quarterbacks making their mark this year, and even surprising ones like Josh Dobbs who had to perform in the most extreme of circumstances are succeeding. However, the real star this year may end up being 22-year-old rookie CJ Stroud who has already lit a fire under the Houston Texans offense.

After taking a Texans team few had an ounce of confidence in to a 4-4 record to open the season, not even EA Sports could ignore the drumbeat to show CJ Stroud the recognition he deserves with his Madden 24 rating. They've given a few small boosts throughout the season, but Stroud's performance against the Buccaneers was so special fans made sure the Madden Ratings Hotline heard about it. 

"Have you seen what CJ Stroud's been doing? Holy cow, 470 passing yards as a rookie? Dots on dots on dots," said one caller. Another specifically called out how Stroud "needs to at least be like an 80 or something" and emphasized his throw power.

The CJ Stroud Madden 24 rating will indeed jump to 80 OVR in this week's Madden 24 roster update. On top of that, his Throw Power rating goes from an 89 to a 90. After kicking the year off at just 73 OVR, CJ Stroud has quickly set himself apart as one of the most impressive rookies in the league and now has the Madden 24 ratings to show for it.