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When does Madden 24 Season 2 end?

Learn when Madden 24 Season 2 will end to ensure you don't miss out on any rewards.
When does Madden 24 Season 2 end?

As the year ticks by, new programs and rewards are constantly arriving in Ultimate Team. By knowing when Madden 24 Season 2 is set to end, you can make sure not to lose any key rewards because you ran out of time.

We'll also take a quick look at what players can expect when Season 3 does arrive and what time Madden 24 Season 2 comes to a close. If you're looking to dive into MUT 24, the holiday season may be the perfect time.

When does Madden 24 Season 2 end?

When does Madden 24 Season 2 end

If you're trying to wrap up the Madden 24 Season 2 reward track and snag a few more things in Ultimate Team, the clock is ticking. Madden 24 Season 2 ends on November 15 at approximately 10am ET.

We can confirm that scheduled time for Madden 24 Season 2 to end due to the in-game countdown seen above, and it means that Unstoppable cards will soon go away. While it hasn't been announced just yet, Double XP Weekends can happen in the final stretch before a season ends.

Keep an eye on the EA Sports MUT and Madden NFL Direct accounts, as any news about Double XP as Madden 24 Season 2 comes to an end will most likely be announced through them. If you want to know exactly when things wrap up, you can use the countdown below:

When does Madden 24 Season 2 end?
7 days, 17:45:17

We saw a big connection between Madden 24 Season 2 and the Most Feared program, and it's likely we'll get something similar in Season 3. The Harvest program is expected to be the next major one in Madden 24 Ultimate Team, but there's more just down the line.

Zero Chill is already creeping up, and that's usually a focal point through December and even into early January. They could go smaller with the Harvest program this year and kick Zero Chill into high gear right after Thanksgiving once Season 2 has ended.