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How to Get Madden 24 Twitch Drops and YouTube Drops

Don't miss out on Madden 24 Twitch Drops and YouTube Drops for free content to beef up your Ultimate Team.
How to Get Madden 24 Twitch Drops and YouTube Drops
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If there's one thing that players can never get enough of it's free content, and Madden 24 Ultimate Team has more than one way for fans to score freebies. If you get your accounts linked properly, Madden 24 Twitch Drops and YouTube Drops have tons of powerful rewards just waiting to be claimed.

We'll break down how Twitch Drops and YouTube Drops work in Madden 24 so players know exactly what's required and how to get their content. If you don't have things setup yet, we'll also detail how to link Madden 24 to each platform with your EA Account.

How do Twitch Drops and YouTube drops work for Madden 24?

Madden 24 Twitch Drops

A longtime staple of this franchise and others, Madden 24 once again has Twitch Drops and expanded things this year with some YouTube Drops as well. These unique in-game content freebies are available to any player so long as they tune in and watch on Twitch or YouTube when a broadcast rolls around.

Some drops were tied to their Good Morning Madden show in the past, which still hosts regular giveaways for fans every week, but it's the Madden Championship Series that brings the best rewards. Fans who tune into each MCS broadcast on Twitch have an opportunity to unlock a unique MCS Drop Reward.

There's also an additional MCS Champion that'll be available for players who have watched every broadcast and redeemed every MCS Drop reward, but those just diving in can still rack up some great rewards. Packs or card drops vary from broadcast to broadcast, but you're generally expected to tune in for 120 minutes to get the top reward.

2024 MCS Drops Schedule

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The year began with Ultimate Kickoff streams on September 5 and 6, and the first major MCS Broadcast was the Most Feared Challenge back on October 18. It was actually the winner of that challenge, JonBeast, that created the Harvest player offered as an MCS Drop Reward in the following broadcast.

Here are links to the official EA Madden NFL accounts you'll need to watch on Twitch and YouTube:

Here's the current MCS Drops broadcast schedule:

  • MCS Harvest Challenge - November 14
  • MCS Zero Chill Challenge - December 6
  • MCS Playoff Challenge - January 10

You'll need to tune in for at least 120 minutes of each broadcast to score the main MCS Drop Reward. However, additional packs and other bonuses can be earned even after just 5 minutes or 20 minutes of viewing. Times often aren't confirmed until near the day of the broadcast, but most start close to 6pm ET.

Linking Your EA Account for Madden 24 Twitch Drops

The most important account to link, and the one you should watch each MCS Challenge broadcast from primarily, is Twitch. First, you need to have an EA Account that's logged in and connected within Madden 24. This is usually done during initial game setup.

Once they're connected, go to your EA Account settings at this link. Look on the bottom left of your account settings for the Connections section. This can trigger an account verification via App Authenticator or via email, so just go through that process if needed.

Click 'Link' from your settings next to Twitch to get prompted to login to your Twitch account. Once logged in, click 'Authorize' and finally click 'Link Accounts.' Once the process is complete, go to the Twitch Drops page at this link to claim your rewards, which can take some time to populate after a stream.

Linking Your EA Account for Madden 24 YouTube Drops

While the MCS Drops are more linked to Twitch, you can also get two standard YouTube drop packs during each MCS Broadcast this season. Rather than the 120 minute requirement, you can earn packs at the 5 minute and 20 minute watch times if things are linked, but make sure you're also watching primarily on Twitch for the MCS Drops.

For this one, first go to the Connected Apps page on YouTube Settings at this link. Click on 'Connect' by Electronic Arts, and click 'Connect' a second time to authorize. Make sure you're logging in with the EA Account and email that are linked to your Madden 24 game, and click 'Continue' before doing any needed verification.

You'll finally click 'Link Accounts' then 'Return to YouTube' then 'Complete Claim' to wrap the process up. Once linked, you'll only need to open and watch a YouTube drop enabled stream and wait up to four hours for the rewards to appear in Madden 24.