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Marvel Rivals' Doctor Strange Gameplay Tactics Griefs Players With Portals

Being the Sorcerer Supreme grants Stephen Strange access to a variety of abilities; however, one portals enemies to their doom in Marvel Rivals.
Marvel Rivals' Doctor Strange Gameplay Tactics Griefs Players With Portals
(Picture: NetEase Games & Marvel Games)

The first Closed Alpha Test for the upcoming superhero team-based PVP shooter Marvel Rivals has allowed players to access a handful of playable heroes and villains from the Marvel Comics pantheon. With so many playable characters to choose from across three unique classes, players have been getting rather creative when engaged in matches as the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange.

Classified as a Vanguard, Doctor Strange's unique arsenal of abilities allowed him to generate weaponry, traverse quicker on-field, and conjure shields and portals. However, the portals have seen an influx of players gravitating towards the Sorcerer Supreme and getting creative in how these portals are used in-game.

One of Doctor Strange's abilities, the Pentagram of Farallah, lets him conjure portals at two locations, allowing his teammates and other players to move between locations. Unfortunately, not all Doctor Strange mains have been utilizing this ability as expected, as several videos have gone viral, making Strange's portals more of a nuisance.

A Twitter user shared one video in response to a post by Miller Ross that saw a Doctor Strange main use the portals to "achieve terminal velocity in Marvel Rivals" for one team. This allowed the opposing team to pick off the team one by one as they were falling through a continuous loop created by the portals in-game.

Another Twitter user shared a TikTok clip of a Doctor Strange main using the Pentagram of Farallah to create two portals, one at the opposing team's spawn location and another leading off a balcony. What resulted is the team moving through the portal and off the map, completely unaware of their misfortunes, and it appears that enemy players can be eliminated in a similar fashion.

While the game is still in development and will host multiple Alpha and Beta tests before its official release, Doctor Strange's Pentagram of Farallah's ability may be just too strong. While developer NetEase Games has time to rework this ability or patch it before the next Closed Alpha is announced, players should try their best to avoid portals or drop to their untimely demise.