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Did Dream catfish his fans with a face reveal?

Popular Minecrafter, Dream, has been the centre of controversy yet again, hitting back at rumours of him “catfishing” his audience with a body double.
Did Dream catfish his fans with a face reveal?

It would appear that drama does not shy away from this YouTuber. Boasting over 23 million subscribers, Minecrafter “Dream”, has been the centre of controversy (yet again). Previously, he has been called out for being a racist, for cheating during his speedruns and recently came under fire for tossing out his ADHD medication.

After a purported photo of him recently made its rounds on Twitter, he has been accused of “catfishing” his fans of using a body double. It doesn’t seem as though he is phased though, nipping back with a cheeky tweet that has left his fanbase somewhat divided.

Purported photo of Dream stirs up fans on Twitter

In a tweet, a user called Dream out as a catfish for enticing fans into thinking that he looked like “some cute ripped twink”, rather than a plumpier individual, depicted in the tweet.

The user also alleged that Dream was using his brother as a body double for his merchandise pictures. Take a look at the tweet below.

Dream catfish fans fake face reveal minecraft youtuber(Picture: Twitter / Oomfed1)

The user further added in a subsequent tweet:

Dream’s response appears that he is unscathed

Of course, the tweet prompted a backlash of comments from fans, with one user commenting “k but we don’t gotta shame people’s appearances to get the whole separate point across”. We couldn’t agree more. Yet, Dream does not appear fussed at all. In a response tweet, he posted an AI-generated photo with the caption, “decided to face reveal… please be nice :/”.

Dream catfish fans fake face reveal minecraft youtuber(Picture: Dream / Generated.Photos)

Following the recent string of controversies, it would appear that much of Dream’s fanbase is divided on the matter. Some have expressed their support, but others have expressed resentment and anger.

We can’t blame them either. Words don’t seem to like Dream very much, as his words are often misconstrued by his fans.


That’s enough drama for one lifetime

At least he’s being a good sport about it. To be fair, we also think he’s had enough drama for one lifetime. So, good call on this one. If you’re interested in learning more about Dream, check out his recent interview with former Smosh star, Anthony Padilla. He details the origin of his name, teases how he would do a face reveal, and a lot more.

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