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Dream slams those who criticize him for not taking ADHD prescription

The Minecraft YouTuber sat down with Anthony Padilla where he got in trouble for his words -- again.
Dream slams those who criticize him for not taking ADHD prescription

Being in the limelight for well over two years, Clay “Dream” has definitely learnt to defuse situations -- for the most part.

It seems like every time he steps in front of a microphone, there’s an altered RNG chance for him to get tangled up into some he-said mumbo-jumbo, and his latest quotes were no different.

After his sit-down interview with former Smosh member Anthony Padilla, the Minecraft YouTuber got berated with tweets about his approach to medication regarding his diagnosed ADHD.

In the interview, Dream talked about his new single “Mask” and how it correlates with his symptoms, coming off as dismissive of medicinal treatments, stating he remembers “pouring it down the drain.”

dream drugs adhd meds(Picture: Dream)

These comments were not taken lightly and users around the internet started lambasting Dream yet again for implying that medical help is of no use.

Twitter user @24framesofnick criticised the almost 30-million-subscriber personality. “Really weird message to say fuck medication for any form of mental illness basically”, Nick angrily reacted.

This hatred towards the 21-year-old seems uncalled for, especially because he warns the interview viewer that he’s talking from his own experience, in almost disclaimer fashion.

“I don’t know enough about them to comment on whether that was smart of me to do. I don’t wanna encourage anybody to do that”, Dream immediately clarified after telling his story.

In a now-deleted tweet, Dream mocked his haters after the backlash, taunting the fact that no matter which side he chose, they'd be letting him have it either way.

dream meds drugs(Picture: Twitter)

Whether it’s cheating scandals, internet beef or personal experience, Dream as a personality cannot shy away from the spotlight -- and this time, the community blatantly pushed him and tied him right under it.

Catch the full Anthony Padilla "I spent a day with DREAM" interview on the Minecraft sensation and judge for yourself: